My Gym Routine

I try to hit the gym daily if possible. If I’m not able to get to the gym I do something at my home or with my daughter. Walks, bike rides, or a home workout.

Here is my gym routine. It’s nothing fancy and there is no specific work out. I try to keep my heart rate up and sweat as much as possible. 🙂


I start with a 5-10 min stretch

Next 20-40 Minuets on the treadmill. Low end if I want to spend more time lifting and high end if I want more cardio. I like to spend the first 5 min walking at 3.4-3.8. After the first 5 I like to alternate between walking and jogging (running). I walk at a 3.8 pace for 2 min, then jog at a 5.6 pace for 2-3 min. I do this until I hit the 20, 30, or 40 minuet mark. If you’re a beginner you can do longer walking periods with shorter jogging. Here is how I built up my endurance.

*Walk-Run Treadmill Goals*

Week 1 Walk for 4 Run for 1

Week 2 Walk for 4 Run for 1

Week 3 Walk for 4 Run for 2

Week 4 Walk for 3 Run for 2

Week 5 Walk for 3 Run for 2

Week 6 Walk for 3 Run for 3

Week 7 Walk for 3 Run for 3

Week 8 walk for 2 Run for 3

After treadmill time I lift. I try to do a little bit of everything each day rather than focusing on just arms, or just legs. The gym I go to has weights and machines. I usually do some legs workouts, then switch to some abs, then arms, and then back and chest. I’m not a professional, this is what works for me. I plan to get into a more detailed lifting post later.

After 30 min to an hour of lifting, I move onto some body weight (floor) exercises. Thanks to Pinterest I have lots of different workouts that I do. Here are a few of the workouts that I use routinely.


I found these printouts on Pinterest, they are made by They have al kinds of printable workouts that target specific areas. I like to take a few from each and do a total body workout.

Once I finish the body weight exercises I do a 5 min cool down on the treadmill or 10-15 of stretching. Most of my workouts last 1-2 hours. When I’m feeling really ambitious I’ll do my normal gym time, then after work I will go back to the gym for round 2! I usually do cardio only on the 2nd trip to the gym.

As I said before, I’m no professional, this is just what works for me. I recommend lots of cardio to start and lifting is a must.





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