My Go-to Meals and Snacks

20170722_193804.jpgIt’s no secret, I’m not a fan of cooking. I’ve never had the patience to find a recipe, buy all the stuff, and stick to the recipe. I do occasionally find things on Pinterest, but if the prep time is over an hour and the ingredient list is over 5-6 things, it’s a hard pass for me. I like to keep my meals easy and cheap. I try to take a couple of hours a week to prep for that week of meals.


My meal prep grocery list consists of:

  • 1 bag lettuce
  • 1 bag baby spinach
  • Carrots (usually baby)
  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes
  • Green Peppers
  • Watermelon (seasonal)
  • Strawberries
  • Blackberries
  • Cherries
  • Lemons
  • Apples (Pink Lady)
  • Eggs (2 dozen)
  • Chicken (Breast, ground, canned)
  • Tuna Packets
  • Cheese (shredded, sliced, string)
  • White Bread ( no wheat bread for me, that’s another debate)
  • English Muffins

My weekly meal prepping is simple. I hard boil a dozen eggs and leave the other dozen to use for breakfast or recipes. I bake 4-5 chicken breast. Keep it simple, light salt and a bit more pepper with a little olive oil. I chunk and pan cook 4-5 chicken breasts. I cook the chicken chunks in ground turmeric (anti inflammatory), salt, olive oil, and pepper. Wash and cut all my veggies except tomatoes. I buy the cherry tomatoes so I can eat them whole, no chopping. Wash and cut all my fruit (that need it). I use portioned containers and do mixed fruits in some and veggies in others. Once all that is done, I’m ready for a week of chicken breasts, chicken or tuna salads, mixed fruit bowls, and lots of veggies to go with all my meals. When I have a little more room in my grocery budget also throw in some quinoa, avocados, Red and Yellow Peppers, peaches, Plums, and Cantaloupe.

I also cut 2-3 Lemons (daily) and add them to a pitcher of water to drink at work. Lemon water is a MUST. Believe me, you will see a difference!

Obviously I have gaps in meal prepping and need meals that are quick and easy. I have quite a few go-to easy meals and snacks.

Evol Brand meals are by far my favorite “microwave” dinner. The Truffle Parmesan Mac & Cheese may smell bad when you cook it (seriously bad) but it tastes SO GOOD. This one is vegetarian and has 14G protein. I like these meat and cheese packs for a quick protein fix. There are many brands, the one pictured can be found at Walmart. Quest Bars are another great quick protein filled snack. I like this brand because it’s a lot of protein with very little sugar. Favorite flavors are Cookies & Cream, Rocky Road, and Lemon Zest.

My meal prep may seem super boring but if you make your meal prep way too time consuming and over the top you won’t want to do it every week. I keep it as simple as possible so I can’t make an excuse not to.




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