Pinning in July.

I love planning things. Weddings, parties, events, events I’ll never have, vacations and so on. You name it, I’ve got a plan for it. That’s why I LOVE Pinterest. For the longest time I would save all kinds of Pins and NEVER TRY THEM. Well finally I’ve started to dive in actually attempting these pins and now I plan to share my results!

Pin number 1. This “booty” workout. Pin credit goes to, you can find the article HERE.

You can also find this pin on my Pinterest Fitness Board.


This “booty” workout was great! Most of the moves were easy for anyone to do. The only moves that would be a bit tougher are the ‘bench glute raises’ and the ‘pistol squats’. The bench glute raises require a stronger core and the pistol squats require great balance. Other than that the entire work out was great. I could really feel each move in my butt, thighs, and core. Really got my heart rate going and kept it elevated the entire time. I worked through this set twice and I did it in 35 min with 2 water breaks. I plan to continue this set at least twice a week along with my normal gym routine.

Pin number 2. BEWARE. It’s not exactly a calorie saver so this is best consumed in a small portion on a cheat day. Crock Pot Mac-N-Cheese! Pin credit goes to Ally’s Sweet & Savory Eats.

This pin can also be found on my Pinterest Food Board.


This mac-n-cheese was super easy to make and tasted great. Recipe is easy to follow and the cost is low. If I could suggest anything it would add a 1/2 cup of 2% or 1% milk along with the 14oz. can of evaporated milk. The first time I made this it was a tad dry, still tasted great but the 2nd time I attempted I added a 1/2 cup of 2% milk and it turned out much creamier.

Pin number 3. Chocolate Lasagna! Another cheat day options, but so worth it. Pin cerdit goes to Amanda’s Cookin’.

This pin can also be found on my Dessert Board.


Recipe was easy to follow and took no time at all to prepare. Dessert was delicious and I definitely will make this again! worth every bite on cheat day or if you’re like me, eat it when you want just keep the portion small!

Pin number 4. Just because it made me laugh out loud, all by myself, for a solid 5 minuets.


Who doesn’t love a good Danger Floof?!




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