Pinning in August.

Did anyone else miss the entire month of August? It’s hard to believe that summer is over, the kiddos are back in school, and Fall is just around the corner. Although I do enjoy summer, the best time of year is FALL! Football, cooler weather, boots, hoodies, fall colors, and Halloween!

Fall is the best. End of Story.

August went by quickly but I did get to try a few pins in the gym to keep me busy. Not a lot of cooking and DIY projects happened so it’s all gym related.

First pin I tried was this one, for thighs & booty. This workout was great. It really worked out every part of my legs from top to bottom. This has a similar feel to the last pin I tried that worked on booty only. A few of these moves I’ve worked into my daily routine outside of the pin workouts.


The next pin I tried was fantastic! If you want to tighten and strengthen your chest this is a great workout for all those accessory and major muscles in your chest. I’ve seen wonderful results especially in the upper chest area and the sides of my chest (under-arm area). This workout doesn’t look hard but by the middle of it I was dripping sweat! Not only can I see results, I can feel them to. This workout has helped increase my bench press numbers, upping them by 30lbs. I did this workout every 3 days for the entire month of August. As the month went on I added a little cardio in with it as well. Between each individual workout I added 30 seconds of step ups on a platform. This was a great workout! Got my heart rate up and got my lower body involved as well.



I would definitely give both of these workouts a try!


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