It’s Fall Y’all: All the Fall Things and a New Product I Love!

September flew by and it’s already October! September was a HOT one here in Iowa. We had many days in the 90’s which made for almost zero cute fall outfits, but finally the Fall weather has arrived! Boots, hoodies, Jeans, and fall colors.  Oranges, browns, deep reds, and lots of golden yellow.

In September I also happened upon a new favorite product. It’s nothing new, and I honestly don’t know why it took me so long to try it. Lipsense! I know, I’m late to the party. A friend of mine had a party, let’s be honest it wasn’t the first one I was invited to, but it was the first one I WANTED to be invited to. One because the girl who threw it is a rock star and a long time friend and two because the consultant she was working with is also another rock star herself. I’ve been invited to HUNDREDS of parties for smelly crap, way over priced leg coverings, and every kind of makeup you can imagine and I normally immediately leave the Facebook group or ignore the invites because for the most part they come from people I have little to no contact with unless they are looking to sell something, but this one came from a close friend. I’m so glad I joined the party and tried the product.


So far I’m in love with how long they last, the no smudging, and the colors! Above, in the middle picture, I’m wearing the color Dark Pink with the Matte Gloss. In the pic on the right I’m wearing Pink Champagne with Matte Gloss as well. This Lipsense stuff is no joke. I love being able to drink, eat, talk, and all that and having my lipstick stay put. If you haven’t given Lipsense a try I would highly suggest it. The price can seem a little scary but a little product goes a long way and the benefits far out-weigh the cost. In the picture below I’m wearing the Dark Pink color with Glossy Gloss instead of Matte Gloss.


Another totally Fall thing, at least for me, is a trip to Galena, Illinois! This is one of my favorite towns to visit for a quick day trip or a weekend away. The buildings are beautiful, the scenery is awesome, and the history is interesting. Every time I go I take one of the Trolley Tours. So much to see and do. Each time I go I see something new and I learn something new. This year I went with my boyfriend on a Sunday afternoon. We did the usual Trolley Tour, did some shopping, had an amazing dinner at Vinny Vanucchi’s Italian Restaurant, and went for a walk along the Galena River and across the bridge to the park. We also drove out to the Chestnut Mountain Resort to see the views and checked out the Goldmoor Inn. Both are beautiful resorts with killer views and relaxing atmospheres. We talked about going back for a long weekend very soon.

Fall is off to a fantastic start!

What are your must do’s for Fall?




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