Pinning in September: Wedding Fever.

Fair warning this post is WAY more than just some pins and wedding stuff.


Oh Pinterest. Here we go again with the wedding board. Single, dating, married; doesn’t matter we all have that wedding board or we have at least a couple hundred wedding pins just in case one day it happens. Why shouldn’t I have 30 wedding dresses pinned?

Let’s just dive right into my current wedding fever.

I’m divorced. My first wedding was fun. I loved seeing so many of my family and friends having a great time. Unfortunately it was not fun for me. Had you attended my wedding you would have thought I was the happiest girl on the planet. The smile on my face was endless and the effort I put into that wedding showed. Sadly though, I was very unhappy. My wedding day was nothing like I had pictured as a little girl. My life at that point was nothing like I pictured as a little girl. Reason being, I got married for all the wrong reasons. To keep a long story short, never get married because you have a child with someone or because you feel pressure to “do the right thing”. Marry someone who makes your life and you better. Marry someone who loves you for you. Marry someone who makes you a priority rather than an option.

So, on that note, yes I have wedding fever again! I feel like my first walk down the isle wasn’t for me at all. It was an attempt to do right by my situation. So this time, I want to do right by me. For the first time in my life, I’m with a person who I want to be with. My daughter loves him, I love him, and he loves us. So although it’s only been about a year (we’ve known each other longer) I totally have wedding fever. And the best way to handle that fever is Pinterest.


My wedding board is called Some.Day.  It started out with a Black & red theme, but now has turned into an over the top Fall theme. Reason being, Jeff and I started dating in the Fall, it’s our favorite time of year, and Fall has always been special to me. His birthday is in October, Allison and I are in November. We love football, fall weather, and Halloween. Do I have a ring on this finger yet? Nope.


My recent wedding pin obsession is just a healthy way to channel my wedding fever into something rather than channeling it at Jeff. So many ladies push and push and push the engagement. Do I think he feels the same way, yes. So why push it? I want him to ask me when he wants to. I want it to be a surprise, especially because I didn’t get that the first time. Every girl deserves the chance to say yes, and every guy deserves the chance to ask.



This sign WILL happen. I think about this very thing all the time. I spent so much time unhappy, trying to make it work for everyone but myself. Finally I’m happy, not just with my relationship, but with myself. Another thing, if I’m being honest, I didn’t love the way I looked or felt on my wedding day. A little non scale victory, I want to wear a wedding dress that I love, not one that I picked out of lack of options because nothing else would fit. I want to wear a wedding dress I love because I love the person I’m wearing it for. I’m totally digging the long sleeves and the lace!

Check out my wedding board on Pinterest, HERE.

What’s on your Pinterest wedding board?


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