10 Creative Pumpkin Ideas, No Carving Required.

Carving pumpkins is great, but if you feel like getting creative and you want to keep all your digits, here are some awesome alternatives to pumpkin carving!

  1. Melted Crayon Pumpkins! Pick your colors; rainbow, fall colors, or maybe your favorite football team. Another cute option would be to place a wax paper cut out over the pumpkin and melt the crayon over. Removed the wax piece and there will be a shape left over. 3
  2. Glitter Pumpkins! There are a few ways you could do this. Cover the entire pumpkin in Modge Podge and sprinkle or roll the pumpkin in glitter. Or you could purchase spray glitter. Either way, the more glitter the better.6
  3. Modge Podge & Tissue Paper! Lots of options with this one. Any shapes, designs, or color you want, you can do. The example picture is super cute. Could also do some Halloween patters like bats, ghosts, or spiders!9
  4. Princess Pumpkin! This one is another glitter pumpkin but it’s so cute! You could do any princess you want. This Cinderella one is perfect. Glitter, jewels, and some glitter cut out butterflies.2
  5. Drill Design Pumpkin. The closest one to carving would be this awesome drilled pumpkin. I love the idea of this and hope to use it very soon. Please see my post Pinning in September: Wedding Fever. You’ll get the idea 🙂4
  6. Glow in the Dark Pumpkin! This one is super simple. Spray the pumpkin with glow in the dark spray paint and then paint a black face or design over the top. If you want to be super lazy just throw a stencil/cutout over it and spray on top, skipping the painted face part. Done.10
  7. Floral Unicorn Pumpkin! Everyone is loving unicorns so here is your pumpkin. Although cute, this wouldn’t be my first choice. There are many more things you could do with a pumpkin and some flowers. 8
  8. Glow Paint Pumpkin! This is my personal favorite. You could do any design you want, but this sugar skill design is totally cute. Might have to try this one this year!1
  9. Bejeweled Pumpkin! Bejeweled or bedazzled, whatever you want to call it, this is a super easy and cute pumpkin idea. This simple spiderweb design is way cool. I could also see doing an ombre design with the jewels or a jack-o-lantern face shaped from jewels. 7
  10. Stranger Things Pumpkin! If you haven’t seen Stranger Things, now is the time!! The first season is on Netflix with a 2nd season coming at the end of October. If you’ve seen the show, you understand how cool this pumpkin is. If you haven’t I won’t spoil it. Go watch it!

    All of these pumpkin ideas came from Pinterest! There are so many more ideas on there as well, these are just my favorite alternatives to carving. Head on over to Pinterest and check them out.


Speaking of pumpkins, here is my little pumpkin throughout the years!



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