Halloween Weekend 2017

Halloween has come and gone *insert sad face*. Hopefully your Halloween was full of more treats than tricks like mine was. I was, thankfully, able to take off work from October 26th through October 31st! My Halloween weekend was packed full of fun.

Thursday we kicked off the weekend with pumpkin carving! Jeff, Allison, and I each had our own pumpkin. From left to right, Allison went with a happy pumpkin, Jeff stuck with a scary pumpkin, and I went with the traditional and original jack-o-lantern face. I think our carving choices fit our personalities perfectly.


On Saturday we went on our annual trip to the Old Thresher’s Haunted Rails. Old Thresher’s is a local group that puts on yearly events in the Mount Pleasant area. Every Halloween we go to their event, The Haunted Rails, on Halloween weekend. There are games for the kids, food, rides, a haunted house, and the best part the ride on the Haunted Rails Train, and a ride on the Trolley.

The Train is always our first stop. The train follows a track around the Old Thresher’s property. There are spooky scenes with scare actors and lots of cool props. The train is so much fun, the kids love it! Next we head to the trolley. I love the train but the trolley has always been my favorite. We always choose the open air trolley, meaning there are no windows. The trolley goes by lots of cool lights and props but best is at the end. Towards the end you are greeted by the Headless Horseman on his horse. Not a prop but a real horse and rider. The kids are always excited to see him running along the track. In more recent years he’s stopped and stuck his head in the trolley to pet him! Next up is the best part of the trolley ride. I’m not a tractor person but they have 2 wood-burning tractors shooting flames and embers high up into the sky. It’s really cool to see!

If you find yourself in the Southeastern Iowa area in the month of October I would highly suggest a visit to the Haunted Rails. Cost is $10 per person, under 4 are free!


Finally Halloween arrived! On Halloween my daughter had her classroom party. She went to the party as Elsa. Once I picked her up from school it was time to get her ready for trick-or-treating. This year she went as Skelita from Monster High. It was a chilly Halloween so luckily her coat went well with her costume. We did a full skeleton face of make-up to go with her costume. I wanted to spend more time on her make-up but there just wasn’t time after school since trick-or-treat was from 5-7p.m. My mother also came to tag a long. After Trick-or-treating we went to Jeff’s work to visit him. Unfortunately he had to work, but we saved him some candy!

Halloween weekend was a blast! Hope your Halloween was just as fun!



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