Easy Lactation Shake Recipe

I’ve pinned hundreds of lactation shake recipes and haven’t tried a single one. I have neither the motivation or time to get the blender out, chop the fruits and veggies, make a shake, and then clean the blender. That sounds like an excuse but here is a recipe that’s way easier.

You’ll Need:

Add all ingredients into a shaker cup, shake, and enjoy!

The Almond Milk and Milk Flow Mix will give you a sweet chocolate taste with a hint of maple syrup due to the Fenugreek in the shake mix. If you aren’t a fan of Fenugreek you can skip the mix and add in another flavored powder.

I normally drink one shake a day Monday-Friday. It’s an easy Lunch or breakfast option for work days.

*Update* As of January 2019, I stopped using Fenugreek products. It does work for many but I saw better results without it. Try it, and see what works for you!


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