Milky Mama Review: Supplements, Treats, and MILK!

Building that precious milk stash is a must for working moms. With baby number two I was determined to build a generous stash during my 10 weeks of maternity leave. I made a pumping plan, stuck to it, and researched an endless amount of supplements. After being unsuccessful in building a stash with my first breastfeeding experience I knew my milk supply would need a little boost. One late night on Instagram I came across an ad/post for Milky Mama Emergency Brownies! The comments along with pictures from so many nursing mothers peaked my interest. I pulled the, middle of the night long nursing session online shopping purchase and the rest is history!

I cannot say enough good things about EVERY product I’ve tried from Milky Mama! So far I’ve tried Emergency Brownies, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, Lactation Lemonade, and two of their herbal supplements Lady Leche and Dairy Dutchess.

Let’s start with the Brownies & Cookies. First off, they taste great. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot of flavor. In my mind I was picturing a chocolate colored cardboard flavored sponge like food item, and I was completely wrong. The brownies are soft and yummy and the cookies…..THE COOKIES! They are fantastic and they WORK. I get the best results out of the brownies if I eat one after dinner before bed to gear up for my late night pumping session while baby is asleep. I usually go to bed around 9, and by 12-1 am I’m up pumping. On nights I skip the brownie I’m usually getting 4-6 oz total (both sides combined) on nights I have a brownie before bed I’m averaging 7-9 oz total (both sides). At night I try to sit back relax and just scroll through Pinterest of Facebook and let my pump do the work. I try not to sit there and stare at the bottle to see if it’s filling. The first night I tried a brownie I was SHOCKED to see how much milk I had pumped!


I pump one side at a time, not the best for time, but it’s what works for me. The first night I tried a brownie this was my result after pumping ONE side. I have one slacker side, come on left side get your life together, but regardless this result was amazing. Almost 7oz from one side and another 3 from the normally terrible side!

Now, cookies, they are fantastic as well. I like to eat one at work during my lunch break to help tackle the end of my work day pumping sessions. My milk supply seems lowest from around 1pm-4pm so the cookie at lunch gives me an extra boost.


Pumping at work has been so much easier this time around. I pump for 15-20 min every 2.5-3 hours during my 8 hour day. I come home with normally 12-16 oz, may not seem like a lot but with baby number 1 I was lucky to come home with 3-4 oz. Hard to build a stash when you can’t even keep up with what baby eats in one day. This time around I’m producing enough to feed baby and stash roughly 5-10 oz a day.

Milky Mama also offers herbal supplements. I’ve tried two so far, Lady Leche and Dairy Dutchess. I can’t say that they have directly affected the AMOUNT of milk I’m producing since I’m also eating the brownies, cookies, and lemonade (not all in the same day LOL) but I can FOR SURE say that they have helped speed up my pumping sessions and enriched my milk. I can also say they help me maintain my increased supply, because even on days I don’t have one of the treats, my milk doesn’t dip or slow. The best benefit so far is my milk QUALITY. My milk is so much creamier and thicker. I started Lady Leche first and noticed a much thicker fat layer on the tops of my milk bottles & bags. I tried Dairy Dutchess and had the same results. Both have worked for me. They have not caused any gas in baby, and my milk has only gotten better. Pumping sessions went from 30-45 min down to around 15 min if I’m left alone ;).

Overall Milky Mama has some great products and I would highly suggest them to any nursing mom!




*Photo Credit to Milky Mama LLC, thank you for your awesome products!!*

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