What I Got For Christmas 2018

Santa can’t help with that last one 😉

Christmas 2018 has  come and gone, along with an entire year. There were so many big life changes this year for my family. In February I counted down the days until we closed on our home. In March I counted down the days waiting for warm weather. In May I counted down the days until summer and school being out. Then in August we patiently, waited for Baby E to Arrive. In October I couldn’t wait for Halloween but dreaded coming back to work after maternity leave. November brought birthdays and the start to the holiday season, and now here we are, the year is done in what seams like the blink of an eye.

Every year I feel like I’m just waiting for the next ‘big’ event. Looking forward to something. I wait and wait and then it’s come and gone. After an amazing Christmas with family and friends I’ve finally realized, it’s not about the next thing, it’s about all the ‘things’. Everyday is worth being appreciated and anticipated. We focus so hard on what’s next, and what’s coming that we lose excitement for the bland everyday things.

For Christmas this year I was able, for the first time in almost 10 years, spend Christmas Eve and Day with my family. No worrying about scheduling around shifts at work, no worrying about traveling far or making big plans. We spent Christmas Eve having lunch with friends and opening presents. Watching all 5 children open presents and enjoy being together was perfect. A much needed relaxing afternoon to kick off the Christmas festivities. Christmas Eve I cooked dinner at our house for some of Jeff’s family. Everyone loved my food and no one died of food poisoning so that’s a win! The best part of Christmas was being able to tuck my girls into bed on Christmas Eve, and wake up with them on Christmas morning to open presents. We didn’t go overboard this year on presents, which made it even more special. Each gift was just that, a gift. Not a rush between tons of plastic junk and batteries required crap. Every gift was appreciated. After opening gifts, we got dressed and went to my parent’s house for Brunch and presents. Christmas was perfect. As I went to bed on Christmas day, I laid in bed thinking about it all. No lavish gifts, no trips across the country, and no massive events that require months of planning. It was all relaxed, turn on the crock pot, and enjoy each other. That really can be every day, not just Christmas. Every day can be that way. Every day can be appreciated and anticipated.

Instead of looking forward and worrying about the next big ‘thing’, I’m going to work on appreciating and anticipating every day with my family and friends. Soaking it all up and loving every minuet of even the blandest days. Work days included.

So, as the title suggested, what I got for Christmas 2018: A little life lesson in finding joy in the little things, and a Dallas Cowboys Blanket! 😉

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