Your One Stop Shop For Thyroid Health Information

Anyone else tired of scanning the entire internet for good thyroid health information? I was completely overwhelmed with all the info so to save you some time, here are some things I found helpful. I’ve compiled a list of all the helpful sites, Pinterest Boards, and Facebook Groups that I’ve found informative. If you’d like to hear the quick version of my thyroid story, there’s a post for that, My Hypothyroidism Story: The Quick Version.

Dr. Westin Childs

His Pinterest is a wealth of knowledge. He has so much valuable information and it’s written so that even I, NOT A DOCTOR, can understand. I Highly recommend checking it out. You can find it Here!

Thyroid Sexy

This is a Facebook group dedicated to all things thyroid. Not only do they post fun memes about all ‘fun’ thyroid issues have to officer, but they also post lots of great info. I love reading the comments from people having the same issues and seeing what works for them. Check it out on Facebook!

Melissa’s Thyroid Boards

This is a fantastic collections of boards & pins on Pinterest. Everything from diet to supplements and more. You an find it right here.

The Thyroid Connection

This book was given to me by a friend. It was full of great info. Perfect for someone who is ‘new’ in their thyroid journey. Has everything all in one place, much easier than skimming the entire web. You can find it Here! It can be found on Amazon and Audible as well. 🙂

Hypothyroid Mom

Hypothyroid mom is a fantastic Facebook group and a website as well. The creator has a relatable experience and she has so much good information. I also like that she posts very regularly. You can find her on Facebook orhere!

Some Pinterest Hypothyroid Diet Tips!

Those are just a few of my resources. Keep checking back for more, I’ll add them as I find them.


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