Best Crochet How-To YouTube Channels

Crochet, the hobby that keeps my hands and mind busy so food stays out of my mouth! That’s the best way to describe the love I have for crochet. 🙂 I was taught by a friend a few years ago, Bonnie is the BEST. She taught me the basics, hats & blankets. Now a few years later I’ve taught myself many different stitches and patterns. I’m the type who learns visually and I enjoy a good crochet how-to video.

Here are some of the best crochet videos and sources I’ve found!

Maggie’s Crochet:


I love her videos, patterns, all of it. The videos are easy to follow and there are tons to choose from. I really like how they go through a few repeats of a pattern rather than just the first few lines. Above is the first Pin I found of her’s on Pinterest, you can find here here. You can also find her on YouTube.

Blossom Crochet:


I originally found Blossom Crochet on Instagram, but then found her YouTube channel! I love her use of bright colors and her videos are VERY easy to follow. She has a great voice for teaching too! You can find her YouTube channel here.



I first found her on Pinterest of course, but her YouTube channel is great! I was looking for an easy baby booties pattern and her’s is HANDS DOWN the easiest. You can find her YouTube channel here. And you can find the super easy baby booties video right here!

If you’d like to follow my Crochet Pinterest board HERE is the link! I’ve tried MANY of the patterns. I’m no pro but I’m always up for a challenge and always learning.


Here are some of my creations!



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