Finally Back At the Gym: Post Baby Number Two

New Year new me! I’ll pass, how about I’m finally not exhausted, my baby finally enjoys being in her carrier, and I finally have a routine somewhat down. New year, new me is a great concept, if it works for you. I lean more toward everyday is a chance to be a better you, not just the first few weeks of the year. So to all the people hitting the gym this January I hope to see you there the remaining 11 months of 2019, because I’ll be there! We got this!

Now that baby is finally chill, my milk supply is solid, and I’m feeling good it’s time to get back to the gym. I told Jeff yesterday that we were going to the gym after I got off work, no excuses. Off work at 3, straight home, fed baby, prepared dinner for after the gym, and off to the gym we went. The gym was packed so I chose to grab the Tula and wear baby the entire time. Allison, Eleanor, and I walked for 45 min and then the last 15 min we did floor workouts with baby. Squats, Chest presses, leg raises, and more squats. Baby giggled every time I did a chest press, lifting her up. Allison did a little jump roping and baby loved that as well. Here are some of the workouts baby and I did. Found them all on Pinterest, of course!




When I was going to the gym daily before baby my workouts were 2-2.5 hours easily. My first day back, after 5 months I was happy to make it a full hour. My gym time wasn’t intense, but it was great! We all had a great time. So the point of this post is mainly accountability.


Current Weight: 245 I was down to 229 shortly after baby, but hello breastfeeding and sitting on my butt! No regrets either! My milk supply is strong, baby is healthy, and I’m not far off from my goal.

Goal Weight: 210 Not the lowest I’ve been but it’s an achievable number to start and it’s a weight I feel great at and it’s easy to maintain. Once I hit that, I can adjust from there šŸ™‚




*Week 1 Check in (1/25/19) Down 6lbs* Still hitting the gym daily with the family!

*Update* We continued to walk as often as possible but with breastfeeding being my main concern, the gym was not. Thankfully as of July we are back at it!



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