One Year of LipSense Love!

November was my 1 year Senegence anniversary! One year later and I’m still loving my LipSense. Long lasting, tons of color options, and so fun to wear. Here are some of my favorite color combos!

Nude Pink was a Limited Edition color and of course it sold out fast. So here is a dupe of Nude Pink. Luv it, Apple Cider, and Pink Champagne layered. I used Matte gloss in place of Glossy Gloss. This color is so subtle and natural.

Rose Gold was the color everyone wanted in 2018. Senegence released a Rose Gold ShadowSense but not a LipSense color. Here is a Rose Gold combo using Dawn Rising, Pink Champagne, and Bombshell Layered with Sand Gloss on top. Senegence later released a Rose Gold Gloss which is gorgeous.

I tried this color combo found on Pinterest. Bella, and 2 layers of Bombshell with Matte Gloss. This color was so pretty and natural. Very close to my lip color but better!

Not a combo, but I didn’t think I would be able to wear a brown tone color, and I totally can. Nude has a slight purple tone to it and looks great on so many skin tones. I used glossy in this photo but I also love it with Matte or Sand Gloss.

Here is somewhat of a ‘lined’ lip attempt or an ombre effect. One layer of Plum all over the lips, then two layers of Sheer Berry on the inside of the lips, leaving a light line around the edge.

My Hands down every day favorite color is Cappuccino. I love that it creates a subtle nude for everyday or can be layered over any color to tame it down. It’s a fantastic stand alone color or layering/mixing color. Goes with any gloss!

Bombshell Diamond, or Bombshell is another color that I wasn’t sure I would like. I thought it leaned a little orange-y in the photos, but once on it’s perfect. Because my lips are a dark pink, Bombshell ends up looking light pink on me. I really like the Bombshell Diamond with Diamond kiss gloss. Hello 90’s glitter gloss!

Bravo is almost an icy orange tone. Like bombshell just lighter. A great color on it’s own or to layer/mix. Looks great with Sand Gloss or Rose Gold Gloss.

Dawn Rising is one of the most popular colors I sell. It’s a perfect layering color and it looks great on it’s own on MANY skin tones. The only color I’ve sold more of is Bella!

Fly girl is a deep version of the classic red lip. It’s gorgeous on and STAYS on. It looks amazing with Gold Glitter Gloss for the holidays, Matte for a muted everyday, or Glossy for a night out.

Razzberry! Hello hot pink! I love this color, especially when I have a little tan going. It screams barbie pink and is totally fun! To really live your best life, add some Diamond Kiss Gloss! ❤

And last but not least BELLA! This is my number one selling LipSense color. It looks great on every skin tone from dark to pale as a ghost like me. I love it with Matte gloss but it also looks great with almost all the glosses. I highly suggest this color in every starter kit!

There you have it! Some of my favorite color combos and stand-alone colors. If you are new to LipSense I would highly suggest 3 colors, 1-2 glosses, and an oops remover to get started. Bella, Dawn Rising, Cappuccino, Glossy & Matte is a great combo to start with for someone who loves neutral colors. For someone who loves bold colors: Fly Girl or Blu-Red, Sassy Z or Razzberry, Fire Opal (to layer/mix), Glossy & Diamond Kiss Gloss.

Here are a few more LipSense examples!

Interested in trying LipSense? It’s been around a while, and yes, it’s worth the hype! (coming from an extremely cheap person LOL)


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