Top 5 Things to Do at Disney With Your Little Princess

In case no one warned you, I’m a Disney addict. Disney has been a part of my life for a long time. I grew up loving the movies, knowing every lyric to every song, and now I’m sharing that love with my daughters. Disney is an escape from the everyday grind, and a place to be a kid again. Seeing the smile on my daughter’s face the first time she met a princess was perfection. Here are my top 10 things to do at Disney, perfect for your little princess or princesses.

  1. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. This was an amazing experience for my daughter. We did the Castle package which included:The Castle Package (starting at $199.95 plus tax)
    • Hairstyling
    • Shimmering make-up and face gem
    • Princess necklace, sash and cinch sack
    • Nail polish
    • Disney Princess gown of your choice (shoes not included)
    • Additional coordinating accessories

    First you choose your dress and accessories. Next they assign you to a fairy godmother. You’ll pick a hair style, nail color, and a few other details. We took some of our own pictures and a photopass photographer was there as well. We even did the photos afterward. My daughter loved every minuet of it, and especially loved meeting princesses dressed in her outfit. The entire process was about an hour and a half. Be sure to plan this for early morning so your little one can enjoy it all day long. Also if you choose the bun with a crown like my daughter, the style might last through the next day! We went when the temps were cooler so it wasn’t hot and sweaty. She was able to keep it in overnight and enjoyed it a 2nd day.

2. Enchanted Tales with Belle. This is an attraction at Magic Kingdom. I know many love it but I’ve had some first time Disney travelers say they might skip it. Absolutely not! If you’ve done it before it might be a one and done, but if you have small children like me this is a must. It’s an interactive story telling of the day Belle fell in love with the Beast. They pick multiple adults and children to play parts and if your kiddo is lucky enough, they can plan the Beast. My daughter was chosen to play the Beast the very first time we went to it. She loved jumping out and roaring at Belle and then eventually dancing with her. It’s a super cute show, and your kids will love it.

3. Breakfast at Akershus in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot. Akershus isn’t famous for it’s food, but the experience is fantastic. Make a reservation here, and your princess will meet multiple princesses all at once. It’s a great way to meet multiples without having to wait in lines! You get great interaction in a quiet, relaxed setting. They also do a parade with the children around the restaurant and there is a photo opportunity at the entrance. If you want to try, I highly suggest breakfast. The eggs, hash browns, meat, and biscuits are great and they also have some Norwegian food at the buffet if you’re feeling adventurous. Lunch and Dinner are good, but Breakfast was definitely better for us. Plus the bonus to making breakfast reservations: get fueled for the day, meet a bunch of characters right away, and the rest of the day is free to do whatever. No planning around reservations.

4. Afternoon Tea and the Grand Floridian. Skip the big expensive tea party and go for this laid back relaxed tea party. My daughter was so excited to not only be dressed up and at the Grand Floridian but she also had her own teapot and snacks. We really enjoyed the tea selection (kids get chocolate milk or apple juice) and the finger food was fantastic. Dessert was GREAT. This was the perfect way to relax before we headed off the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party later that day.

5. Breakfast or Dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table at the Magic Kingdom. Nothing says princess like eating in Cinderella’s castle! This is a magical experience for anyone visiting the Magic Kingdom. There are two options for my family: Start the trip with a Breakfast there or end the trip watching fireworks while eating there. Both are great ways to enjoy Cinderella’s Royal Table. It’s also a great way to celebrate a birthday, like we did. You’ll meet multiple princesses, and of course Cinderella as you enter. If you really want to take the princess to the next level, make your appointment for Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in the morning, and then go here for Dinner. Your little one will feel like a real princess.


Of course there are SO MANY more things to do at Disney World to make your trip an over the top princess experience, but these are some of the things that really stick out in my mind, and my daughter’s when we think back to our trips. Dressing up like her favorite princess, eating in the castle, and having a tea party in the most beautiful restaurant are some pretty great memories that my daughter talks about often.

Now, to plan a trip for my newest little princess! ❤



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