Top 3 Drinks for Breastfeeding Moms

Hydration is KEY in any successful breastfeeding journey. Water is BY FAR the best option, but can get old quick! Especially if you are a big pop drinker or enjoy something with flavor. Here is a list of my top 5 favorite drinks that keep me hydrated, taste good, are good for baby, and some even increase lactation! Let me say it again, WATER is key. These drinks are not meant to replace water. Keep drinking that water! I easily drink over 250 oz a day, and even more on days I hit the gym.



  1. Body Armor

This is HANDS DOWN my favorite drink while breastfeeding. They taste good, there are lot’s of options, and they are made with coconut water! Coconut has shown to increase lactation. On days I drink one of these my output is usually at minimum a half ounce more per session. Doesn’t seem like much but it adds up! They even have one that is all coconut! Body Armor offers a regular version and a ‘Lyte’ version with less calories. I’ve enjoyed many flavors, my favorites being Cherry Berry and Peach Mango. I was not a fan of blueberry Pomegranate. You can purchase them at almost every grocery store or gas station. Price ranges from $1.24-$3.00. Many moms suggested Gatorade, I prefer Body Armor for the better ingredients and it’s way more effective.


2. Coconut Water, Clear American Essentials (Walmart)

This drink is super affordable, $0.88. and can be found at Walmart. It’s flavor is much better than the straight up coconut water. When I drink this my pumping goes quicker and I still get good results. I wouldn’t say it increases drastically but it tastes good, maintains, and I get a pretty good flow. I normally drink one of these along with a bottle of ice water to really keep me hydrated. So go check your local Walmart or online if you’d like a break from the expensive, not so wonderful tasting, coconut water!


3. BEER! *Don’t freak*

Calm your tits, literally. We are talking like half a beer or maybe even 1 full beer every now and again. Beer has 2 rock star ingredients that help stimulate milk productions: brewers yeast, and barley. I tell all my new mommy friends, as soon as you get home from the hospital sit down, RELAX, and crack open a Budweiser. Stout beers or Craft beer is best. More yeast and more barley. For each of my daughters 1/2 a can of Budweiser helped my milk come in SO MUCH QUICKER. I may even have a “friend” who had her boyfriend sneak a can of beer into the hospital room to get it going a bit quicker, and then drank said beer in the hospital room bathroom…. :D. If you are scared to try you can always pump and dump or if you’re one of those rich classy moms you can’t get those little alcohol test strips.

What drinks have helped you?


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