My AFFORDABLE Curly Hair Routine

Way back, when I knew nothing about hair, there were 3 options: LA Looks icy blue hair gel, Suave Mousse, or Pantene Hair Spray. Those were the options I had for curly hair, all of which turned my hair into crunchy spirals that even the strongest winds couldn’t destroy. They kind of just hung off my head like icicles on a roof. Fast forward to 2019 and after trying SO MANY DIFFERENT products I finally found TWO that work for my hair. Bonus: they are under $20 TOTAL!

2 I’ve tried Redkin, Monat, Pureology, Living Proof, Nexxus, and many more. Basically I got the same results with all of them. My hair was soft and manageable but my curls were a disaster. Just to give you an idea, my hair has the texture of a cheap paint brush, is thick and bush like. If I blow dry my hair, it doubles in size and becomes 10x harder to work with. The only good thing about my hair is it takes many, many days to show even a drop of grease.

I finally decided to stop wasting money for my hair to look terrible. I can save money and my hair still look the same. After giving up I went to Walmart to grab some new Shampoo and Conditioner. I immediately noticed the avocado on the Aussie Bottle. I was feeling a little basic and was immediately drawn to it. It was their ‘moist’ version of shampoo and conditioner, and it was in a buy more save more pack so it was a bargain, $9.82 for the large shampoo & conditioner with the fancy no mess pumps.

shaBEST PURCHASE EVER. After 3 washes, my hair is soft, manageable, and looks great! I can blow dry it, I can straighten, I can do whatever I want and it doesn’t dry out, frizz, or feel like the tail of a horse. The best part was, without any additional product my curls were looking so much softer, but I need something to keep the frizz away for longer, so I went to Marshall’s, the best place to find new things at a bargain.



While at Marshall’s I saw a bottle with a sunflower on it, and noticed it said curls to go. I love sunflowers (lol) so I glanced at the directions and promises, they all make such grand promises, and threw it in the cart. Basically they promise to control frizz, nourish curls, and keep curls smooth. So the next morning I showered, used my Aussie, and towel dried my hair. I used a large tooth comb and gently combed my hair while still pretty wet. Next I grabbed the Curls To Go and sprayed all over. I even sprayed some on my hands, bent over and did the gentle scrunching. From there, I let it dry naturally. The result: The softest, prettiest, and smoothest curls I’ve had EVER. And they lasted all darn day!


I’ve been using both products for about two weeks now and still love them. My curls look great, and it’s so much easier than straightening, and way more fun than the go to mom pony tail. If you’re interested in the curl elixir you can find it Here!  I believe it’s sold at Walmart and Target too. If you want to try the Aussie it can be found at Walmart, Target, and many other retailers.

I know many ladies who love their $40 a bottle shampoo, $50 conditioner, and 12 different products to do basically the same crap, but I’m simple, and cheap, and this works for me! So if you have thick curly frizzy dry paintbrush like hair, give this a try. It’s affordable, and worth a shot! If you hate it, you’re only out $20 ish bucks and you don’t have to worry about canceling a membership and you can afford to buy groceries this week instead of hair products.


-Lindsay 😉



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