Baby Room Organization Ideas

Early 2018 we moved into our new home. Three bedrooms and one bath with three soon to be four people. It’s a bit of a tight fit but we make it work. I’m always looking for storage ad organization ideas. Here are a few quick storage solutions I found for the nursery. All can be used in other rooms of the house as well.


Use a shoe hanging bag for all the odds and ends in babies room. This keeps my shelves open for more things and makes everything stored in it easy to find for dad! Also makes it easy to see when you need more of something. We have all the lotions, baby wash, hand wipes, booger wipes, and other odds and ends in here. Also helps keep things from getting lost on tall shelves.


Hanging baskets in the closet. This was another totally easy organizing solution. Simply take two metal hooks, screw them into the wall evenly and hang the wire baskets. You can use any shape basket as long as the hooks can support it. Great way to save space in the dresser and make thinks like socks, hats, and headbands easier to get to. We’ve also used this in the bathroom for make up.


Remove the bottom drawer of the dresser! Unless your baby has a million outfits, many times large dresser drawers go unfilled, at least while babies are tiny. So instead of an empty drawer, remove the bottom and use it to store blankets. Looks cute and they are easy to get to. I store all my daughters crochet blankets there. That way I can see these adorable blankets that I worked hard on, rather than stuffing them in a drawer.

These are just a few organization ideas, more to come!


*Please forgive the low quality photography skills. My phone and camera are on their last leg. Improvements are imminent. 😉

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