10 Baby Items I Love

There are so many baby products out there! You can literally spend THOUSANDS on a new baby. Here is my top 10 list of things I found myself getting the most use out of. Some things I used often, others were daily life savers!


  1. Fisher Price Rock and Play! This thing is hands down the best investment out of everything I purchased. It’s portable, easy to use and store, and was the only thing my daughter would sleep in for the first 6 months! I know….I know….it says it’s not for sleeping unattended, but for me it was the only way she would sleep. She does not like to sleep flat and prefers her head to be elevated. I kept her right next to my bed so I could check on her often and she fit so nice and snug in it that she was not able to roll. Please use your best judgement with this product. If your baby rolls in the night I would suggest buckling them or avoiding using it all together. Now that she is sitting up on her own, we only use it during naps when we are watching or to hang out in, buckled in. You can find this or ones like it at Target, Wal-Mart, or online. This item as since been RECALLED. There are other similar options!!

2. Tula Carrier! I was REALLY hesitant to spend the money on this carrier, but I am SO glad I did. This carrier is easy to put on, comfortable, and baby enjoys it. She hated the sling so this was perfect. I love how adjustable it is and the pocket on the front that fits my phone and keys. Instead of paying full price, $130-$170, I paid $100 2nd hand. There are many Tula and baby carrier resale groups on Facebook.

3. Ingenuity 3-in-1 High Chair. This high chair has been fantastic. I love how light weight it is, yet sturdy. The seat back can sit straight up or recline. I love that the seat comes off and I can set baby on the living room floor next to me to feed her. We have a small kitchen and tight dining area so it’s not ideal to always eat there. It’s easy to clean and the price is cheap!


4. Muslin Swaddle Blankets. First off, both of my children HATED being swaddled. They wanted to be free, not a burrito. However, these blankets are perfect for breastfeeding covers. They allow air flow, aren’t heavy, easy to clean, and easy to pack in the diaper bag. I will always use these blankets instead of buying a dedicated nursing cover. They are great for multiple uses: blanket, cover, car seat cover, emergency burp rag, snuggling, or swaddling.


5. Pigeon Bottles & Nipples. THIS BOTTLE….this bottle is the BEST thing that happened to my baby, my sanity, and dad’s sanity! Eleanor was strictly breastfed for 8 weeks, at 10 weeks it was time for me to go back to work so around 8 weeks we started to try bottles. Nothing worked. All the tips and tricks like having dad wear mom’s shirt, catching baby when she is sleepy, none of the bottle tricks. She hated every bottle we gave her. Medela, Nuk, Avent, basically all of them we could find. So I did a little research and found a few moms talking about Pigeon Bottles (from Japan). The nipples were very soft and perfect for picky breastfed babies. I found them on Amazon, they aren’t sold in the US, paid the $19.99 for ONE BOTTLE and said a prayer. Bottle arrived, added the warm milk and like she had been on the bottle for YEARS she drank it all and was content. This is by far the BEST purchase. It was a life-saver. To keep the bottles lasting longer (since they are pricey) we warm the milk in Medela bottles and then pour it into this bottle. We also never put this one in the fridge. It’s only used to feed and then washed by hand.


6. Minnie Mouse Jumper. Baby loves this jumper. Lots of cute things to play with, rotates so she can spin around and follow me around the room and never lose sight lol. Also adjustable height, and not to heavy to move around. Not a real life-saver but it does keep baby busy so I can finally get some things done around the house! I purchased mine at Wal-Mart, there’s also a Finding Nemo option! Amazon has them as well!

7. Blooming Bath Lotus. This sink insert made bath time so much easier. Instead of bending over the tub get this super soft, comfy bath flower! Easy to use, easy to clean, and its super cute! Baby loved it.


8. Burt’s Bees Diaper Rash Ointment. This is by far the BEST diaper rash ointment I’ve used. When baby gets a little red, a VERY small amount goes a long way. Baby is almost 7 months old and each time she’s need this, it only takes 1 sometimes 2 applications with fresh diapers to clear her rash up. I’ve had one small tube the entire time and hardly put a dent in it. It’s fantastic!


9. Glow Worm. If you are an 80’s baby like me you probably had one. This little guy has made my early morning commute so much easier. My little Eleanor HATES being in the car seat, especially when it’s dark. This little glow worm has helped her stay relaxed during dark car rides. Just turn his little face on and she is good to go! Best $10 I’ve spent in a while.


10. Baby Shark Costume. This isn’t really a must have, wait, yes it is. Just putting this on Eleanor made all of us laugh. She was the cutest little baby shark out there! We had so many comments about how funny or adorable it was, and we had MANY people sing baby shark. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

What are your must have baby items?



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