My Breastfeeding Essentials

We are just about to the 8 month mark for breastfeeding. This time around has been so much easier and more enjoyable. I’ve established a pretty solid supply and baby has formed her own little eating schedule. The early months consisted of LOTS of feeding on demand and cluster feeding. All that couch time and water chugging was completely worth it. Eight months later and we are still going strong. Here are a few things I’ve found essential in my breastfeeding success.

download.jpegThis right here is my FAVORITE thing! The haakaa has been a life-saver. In the early months, every time I fed baby I would use this on the opposite side. Instead of losing precious milk, this catches anything that would normally leak. It also increases the amount that is drawn out. I would stash each little 1/2-1 ounce away to build my stash. Every little drop counts. The Haakaa is also great when you go back to work if you use a manual pump you can use this on the opposite side. Some mamas have mentioned their baby will knock the Haakaa off while nursing. My tip for this is to secure it with your nursing bra strap and try to cover it with your shirt or blanket. Keep that little squirmy baby from spilling! Click here to purchase your Haakaa!


Breast milk storage can be overwhelming at times. Writing dates, organizing, and making sure the oldest milk is used first can be time consuming. I do have a freezer stash built up but instead of constantly pulling from there (I like to save it for an emergency) I pump in between feedings with the goal of having at least 8-10 hours worth of fresh milk in the fridge, meaning 3-4 feedings. So on my first day away from baby she drinks what’s in the fridge from my days off, then every day I pump while at work and she has that the next day. On my Friday I save that until Monday (hope that wasn’t extremely confusing). This Medela storage system is PERFECT for me! The tray keeps my bottles organized oldest to newest and the tops of the bottles you can change to show what day the milk was pumped. The bonus, that even the packaging doesn’t include, is that you can write on the bottle caps “use first” or any other reminders just in case and it washes off easily. I use a black sharpie to indicate to daycare or Grandma which bottle to use first. That way when I send the bottles, the oldest milk is used first and no milk is wasted. If baby doesn’t go through the milk by day 3 I freeze it and add it to my stash! If you’d like to try the Medela Storage System, you can find it HERE. Seriously. I love this!

c19b4c39-fe60-43b9-977d-4c97ee9a4ae8_1.ca89577df22b6140821853bc2bd2e1eaI do like the Medela freezer bags but these Lansinoh are so much easier to store. You can lay them flat to freeze or you can fill them up full and store them standing. The zip lock closure is really easy (lines up well) and the bags hold up. Easy to fill and easy to pour out once thawed. Tip: remember to write the date the milk was pump as well as AM or PM. Milk pumped at night will help baby sleep better! You can find Lansinoh freezer bags Here!




I’ve posted about muslin swaddle blankets before, but I’ll say it again, I LOVE them! They make great covers for breastfeeding or pumping. They cover you and baby and allow air flow so you and baby aren’t sweating your butts off. 🙂 I don’t know about you, but my baby is a little hot-box when she nurses. These blankets have so many uses, even if you aren’t a swaddle mom.



Eight months down and at least four more to go to hit our first goal of one year. From there we’ll see how it goes. As of now baby is still loving every minuet of nursing and recently enjoying some baby foods and some softer foods like avocados and bananas, maybe even a taste of frosting here and there. 😉



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