Kettle Cooked Beer & Cheese Flavored Lactation Increasing Chips? YES.


Breastfeeding mamas everywhere, put down that bowl of oatmeal, and grab a bag of Lays! Their newest Kettle Cooked flavor is Classic Beer and Cheese. What does that have to do with breastfeeding, well it might not be the life-saving lactation powerhouse snack BUT it has helped me a bit. Here’s why: Yeast, Barley, and more Yeast.

Brewers Yeast is a popular ingredient in many lactation brownie recipes, cookies, and other lactation increasing goodies. It can also be taken in pill form orally. The most magical part of all is Brewers Yeast is what’s in BEER. Not every beer is created equally, you want to go for the ones with lots of BARLEY. Barley is a lactogenic and is rich in beta-glucan which has been found to increase Prolactin. That’s the hormone that stimulates milk production.

Now these chips may not have a ton of Barley or yeast but it’s definitely in there. I love my brownies and cookies with brewers yeast but sometimes I just need a good old-fashioned crunch chip. Here’s to Lays giving breastfeeding moms everywhere another snack to choose from.

I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up but, I snagged a bag of chips to enjoy at work. My 3 pumping sessions at work increased from 3-4 oz on average to always 4 oz or over. I really want to believe it was the chips. I drank my normal water, took no other supplements, and changed nothing but the chips. I look forward to experimenting more with these chips. 😉

Try them (I wouldn’t suggest daily lol)! Let me know if you get any good results!!


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