So Much Better Than A Pack’n Play! Baby Delight GoWithMe Haven Eclipse Portable Playard Review

It’s finally that perfect time of year in Iowa. Nice enough to be outside, the bugs aren’t devouring people yet, and the days are getting longer. Baby E has been crawling for about a month now, and she is QUICK. I’ve never been a pack’n play fan. I like cage-free children, but this year I gave in. Baby E is very light skinned, basically transparent so I opted for this portable playard with a canopy! Looks WAY easier to clean, carry, and is SIMPLE to set up. This Baby Delight Go With Me Portable Playard looked like the best option.


The playard comes basically assembled. You open the box, pull out the bag, open the bag, and attach the canopy. Fast and easy.  Here is the bag and what comes in it.


From left to right: Bag with everything (unopened), Playard with canopy in the center, canopy pulled out, and playard.


Pull the canopy out, open the playard, and push down the safety locks on both sides. Locks are very secure and bonus, they don’t punch my little fingers. Can use your foot to push them down as well. They are tough little locks, durable.



Next attach the canopy. Open the canopy, “flip it” inside out and it will form an umbrella effect. It attached to the playard with 5 clips. Creates a great canopy with a wide opening to get baby in and out.


Eleanor enjoyed her first test of the playard. She was able to lean on the sides without issue, and was not scared to get in. She giggled when she realized she was “stuck” and even more when the cat jumped in and became stuck with her.

I found this playard at Marshall’s for $79.99, great deal! Similar playards with a canopy are easily $100 plus at Walmart and Target, so check your Marshall’s or TJ Maxx!

Overall the Baby Delight Go With Me Portable Playard is pretty cool. I’ll update with how it holds up outside. We have softball games, beach days, and lots of outdoor time planned this Summer and Fall.

**Not sponsored, and normally cage free ;)**


Update, We are still loving the playard.



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