Pros and Cons of Breastfeeding

Baby E and I are 10 months into our breastfeeding story…journey…saga…whatever you want to call it so I thought it was time for an update. Instead of just telling you how amazing it is, because it definitely is, I wanted to explain it with a little humor. So thank you Jimmy Fallon for pros and cons.


Pro: Look at all the money we saved not buying formula.

Con: Nursing pads, Nursing Bras, Nursing pillows, Nursing wraps, Nursing dresses, Nursing shirts, pumps, pump parts, milk storage bags, and that brand new deep freeze in the basement…..

Pro: (Mom) Baby is fussy. Gets out boob…instant happiness.

Con: (Dad) Baby is fussy. Baby and Dad cry together.

Pro: I could do this forever.

Con: Is that a tooth?

Pro: Never getting up to make a bottle at night.

Con: Being the bottle.

Pro: Being able to feed baby while you eat.

Con: Scooping salsa off your baby’s forehead and wondering if you should have used a napkin instead of a chip.

Pro: Not having to wash so many bottles!

Con: Washing pump parts.

Pro: Look how fast the weight came off after baby!

Con: Finding new jeans to fit your couch shaped ass.

Pro: Finding that perfect nursing bra.

Con: Too bad you have a watermelon and a kiwi for boobs.

Pro: Looking down at your beautiful baby while she nurses, remembering the 9 long months you carried her, the sleepless nights , hours of pumping, and all the ounces of milk you’ve given her without a drop of formula.

Con: First word is Dada.


We are 10 months in and all joking aside it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life. I wouldn’t change any part of it.






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