My Current Obsession

It’s no surprise that my newest obsession revolves around food. I was doing some Pinterest scrolling and came across a Charcuterie Board. No idea how to say it, but they look pretty sweet. So many colors and patterns. Baby E has a birthday coming up so I *might* just have to attempt one.

I found so many awesome ideas! If you want to check out all my sweet finds you can follow my board right….HERE.

NONE of these photos are mine. PLEASE check each one out on my Pinterest Board! These rainbow themes are amazing.



I found breakfast boards with waffles and all the little waffley goodies. And of course the best…..a taco board! Who doesn’t love tacos?


Other themes like Fall, Easter, and Valentines day stuck out to me as well. We rarely have any kind of party or get together for holidays other than Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, so these boards would be super cute to add a little festivity to some of the smaller holidays.





So many great ideas! Check out my Pinterest board to see all these awesome pins!



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