Breaking Bad Habits: Fast Food

Anyone else being lazy and eating like crap…….I’m the only one?

So I’ve been way too lazy on the meal prepping, cooking, packing lunch, whatever you want to call it. I haven’t been doing it. I could use every excuse under the sun: I work too much, we have dance and sports, or I don’t have time. It’s not about time, it’s about priorities and right now my priorities are just a bit off. I’ve been breastfeeding for almost a year now and my supply is drastically affected by my diet. I’ve had to beef up the calories quite a bit to maintain it. Now that baby is less dependent on me it’s time to get my priorities back in line. Time to eat healthier and get my butt to the gym so I can really enjoy life and my family.

The first step came on June 24th. I sat my daughter (8) down and said no more fast-food. I let her watch Super Size Me and she was full of questions, but the thing that really stuck out was when I told her, “No more asking for fast-food.” Her response, “Well you’re the one who takes us there.” She is 100% right. The fault is mine. I can try to say, well the kids wanted it, it’s easier, and so on but really it’s me. I drive the car, I pay the money, I enable the habit. Well the habit dies here.  June 24th we started our challenge: One Month No Fast Food. Getting through the first month is the goal, but the real goal is stopping all together.

So this will be my accountability page. Once it’s been written and saved I can not go back. Remember if it’s on the internet it is TRUTH. Riiiiiight…

We are on day 11 of no fast food and so far there have been minimal complaints, everyone is alive. Time to break the bad habit.  I will cook, I will prep, I will NOT pass down my bad habits to my children.



As of 7/29/19, we had ONE minor slip but other than that we avoided fast-food! Allison doesn’t ask for it and I’m down 9lbs! Winning!

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