How to Create Your Own Tree of Life Breastfeeding Photo


Mothers all over Instagram are creating the ‘Tree of Life’ Breastfeeding photo. This is a beautiful way to remember your breastfeeding journey. Here is how to create your tree of life breastfeeding photo.

  1. In your app store download the PicsArt app. It’s free!


2. Open the app, create an account, and Click the Purple plus sign to start a new photo.


3. Click all photos to search you gallery for the photo you want to edit. Choose your photo to get started!


4. Now that you picked your photo, click on the EFFECTS button.


5. Online, most are using the ‘Midnight’ effect, but scroll through them all and fine one you like. I’ve used many!


6. Click the Check mark to apply the effect and save it.


7. Next click the STICKER button (sorry forgot to circle it!)


8. A new window will open, in the search bar you can search ‘tree’ or even better ‘tree of life’. There are lots of options when you search tree of life.


9. Position your tree like below. You will automatically be set on Opacity, click and drag the opacity down to about 50% or where ever you like it. Once you have the tree set click the check mark in the top right corner to save.




10. You can play around with the app to add names, or any other effects, but if you are done click the arrow in the top right corner.


11. Next you’ll click SAVE, and on the next screen SAVE to your device. This will save the photo to your gallery. There are other options but this is the easiest for me.


This app has many cool features. Play around with it and see what you can create. Also, don’t forget to get yourself in some of the photo. I have yet to do that but it’s on my list. These photos make great memories of your breastfeeding time!