Breastfeeding Resources That Helped Me

I’ve put together a list, in no particular order, of some resources that helped me while breastfeeding. As a disclaimer I am not sponsored by any of these brands, although I wouldn’t say no to a few brownies 😉



Milky Mama

mmllMilky Mama LLC is a company that makes all kinds of great supplements, drinks, and treats. I love their Emergency Brownies and Lactation Lemoonade. I reviewed their products, and you can read that full review here. Their products worked for me, but what I want to mention in this post is their Instagram! Milky Mama posts tons of great info: Tips & Tricks, Frequently Asked Questions, and of course cute baby memes. I really like their Instagram page because not only are the posts informational, but they interact as well. They have live streams with Q and A’s and they go above and beyond just promoting their products. You can follow them on Instagram @milkymamallc.





Legendairy Milk

66866009_2454519984783461_7003613980572778496_nAnother company that specializes in supplements to help increase quality and quantity of milk supply. I’ve tried 2 of their products: Pump Princess and Liquid Gold. Both helped increase my milk production in the early days of building my supply. I like that they are fenugreek free and affordable. I took each for 2 months and saw results after about 10 days. I tried Liquid Gold first and my supply increased slightly, then I switched to Pump Princess and saw a better increase as well as quicker let downs. My increase wasn’t anything crazy, but it was an increase and that’s what matters! They have a mass amount of info on their Instagram page. Their stand-out info has to be their flange size posts! Flange size makes all the difference in pumping and they have some great tips and can help you get the right size and fit. You can follow them on Instagram @legendairymilk.





Pinterest saved my sanity and my Breastfeeding journey the 2nd time around. I found almost every bit of information on Pinterest. I found supplements, blogs, quick references, and so much more. I never really found ONE blog to follow, but through Pinterest I found many posts with wonderful information. I created a board to keep anything and everything that I found helpful and to share all of my info. You can follow my board here!  My Baby & Breastfeeding board is full of breastfeeding information and other general baby tops like ‘Baby led weaning’, or as I call it, feeding your kid things other than boob milk. Why do we need a fancy name for giving our kids food and teaching them to chew? Anyways, it’s on there, in all of it’s glory, BLW…. lol.



One Ounce At A Timeounce

This is an Instagram page created by a mother, Elisabeth, with Hyperlactation Syndrome. She shares her story of pumping, and pumping, and pumping some more. She has taken something that many would consider a tough task, and turned it into a real blessing. We all want that waterfall of milk but she has that and WAY more. She not only feeds her own kiddos, but also donates as well. She shares tons of great information as well. She is a pro at flange sizing, and recently became a Certified Lactation Counselor . You can follow Elisabeth @oneounceatatime on Instagram. She also works with Legendairy Milk and their flange fittings, that’s how I found her page.




Go give these Instagram pages a follow and be sure to head over to Pinterest and check out my Baby & Breastfeeding Board. If you want more information on Breastfeeding also check out some of the posts linked below.



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