The Breastfeeding Tool You Should Try

How do I build a freezer stash?

How do I increase my milk supply?

There are so many supplements, foods, and other things out there to help with freezer stashes and milk supply. Here is one of my favorite tools that can help with BOTH.

I really can not say enough about my haakaa. It is hands down the easiest and most useful tool I have for breastfeeding. It’s helped build my freezer stash, build my supply, and been the go to when I’m away from my pump or baby.

There are so many great uses for the haakaa! When baby was tiny and I was trying to build my stash I would have baby nurse on one side and I would attach the haakaa to the other. While baby nursed the haakaa would catch any drops and draw out anywhere from half to two ounces of milk. Hitting the boobs with a nursing baby and a haakaa on the other side makes your body think it needs to make more milk. Supply is all about demand. If you demand more milk, your body will make more. Once baby finished on one side I would switch and place the haakaa on the other. This time I would normally get a bit less because babies are WAY better at getting milk out than any pump or tool. The haakaa would still catch any spare drops and sometimes pull out more.

Another use for my haakaa goes along with the first example. All those extra half to 2 ounces that the haakaa caught, then when into my freezer stash. I would keep a milk bag in the fridge all day and every time I used the haakaa while nursing I would pour the milk into the bag. At the end of the day you ca save it for a bottle next day if needed (if you are away from baby) or you can freeze it like I did. In the first few months I had a sizable stash built up. Every little ounce counts and they add up over time.

My last example is one I hope no one encounters but it’s good to know it’s an option. I have a few haakaas. I keep 2 in my pumping bag and 2 in the diaper bag. One day I was running late to work. I completely forgot my pump bag, luckily I had the diaper bag with me as I was dropping baby off at grandma’s. I didn’t have time to go home so I swiped the 2 haakaas from the diaper bag and took them to work. The haakaas can be used as a manual pump as well by placing them on the breast and squeezing or just place them on (suctioned) and allowing them to draw the milk out. I had to massage a little too, but they did the trick. I didn’t get as much milk as I normally do, but at least I wasn’t leaving myself full and uncomfortable, and I wasn’t confusing the milk supply.

Make sure to pack one in your hospital bag. Milk can take a few days to come in and that’s totally normal, take your haakaa and place it on the opposite side when you feed baby. I’ve had it work for a few friends, and it worked for me.

If you’d like to try the Haakaa you can purchase it by clicking here. This is my Amazon affiliate link. 🙂




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