The Bump Tells Parents They’re Doing it Wrong

During my daily scroll thorough Facebook I came across an article posted by The Bump, a motherhood and pregnancy website. Normally I scroll on past them but this one really stuck out to me.

To get a better feel for who THE BUMP is, here is their description…”Keeping parents ahead of the curve with the latest pregnancy and parenting news.” Back to why I actually clicked on this article. As someone who doesn’t get offended easily (if ever, grow up) I was kinda caught off guard by this one.

The title, “If Your Baby Registry Doesn’t Look Like Lauren Conrad’s, You’re Doing it Wrong.”

You’re Doing it WRONG.

Alright BUMP, you caught me. What am I doing wrong today? In a world where being a parent is already full of constant judgement and shaming, let’s add another to the list of shit I’m not doing right.

Photo Credit, The Bump (Facebook Page)

The article goes on to list all the great products Lauren Conrad suggests.

Warning, they are all links for you to hurry up and purchase these products so you can no longer feel like a shitty parent. Better click fast, they grow up fast. Good thing Amazon has next day or even same day delivery!

Since most of these products are WAY too expensive for the average, middle-class parent (like me) I went ahead and found you some more affordable, comparable options so you don’t have to be a shit show of a parent. And please, please don’t ever think a $900 stroller, a $250 swing, and almost $300 high chair will make you a better parent. Many of the best parents in the world shop 2nd hand or don’t even have access to many of these items.

Have you ever dropped a FULL diaper genie bag and broke that plastic barrier? Skip the expensive shit collector and grab yourself a small kitchen waste basket with a latch lid and some bags.

It’s a bag that carries stuff. As long as it’s durable and big enough for all 37 outfits you think baby needs, it will do just fine.

Travel systems are expensive, but higher price doesn’t mean higher safety. They all have to meet certain safety guidelines. Don’t pay for the name.



If you’re like me, the highchair is covered in food, sticky, and in need of a deep clean daily. Don’t waste your money here. It’s really not worth it.

I’d actually skip this all together. SAFELY bathing your baby in the sink with a towel under the neck for support is free.


I know, some swear by the momaRoo. My baby loved the regular swings. This is one where a little splurge might be good for your sanity.


On a side note, The Bump has featured some truly inspiring stories and fantastic information. I truly do not believe this article was intended to offend. I just think the title combined with the very over priced items was a bit of a low-blow to some mothers out there who are just trying to get by with the little they have. I think their article would have been SO much better if they had approached it like mine. “Here is Lauren’s list, and here are some affordable, comparable options.”


If you’d like to start your baby registry on Amazon, click HERE! This is an affiliate code, just like the links above. Just a little something to support this blog. 🙂






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