The Ultimate Guide to Fall for The Basic Mom

It’s Almost the most WONDERFUL time of the year: FALL!

Maybe it’s just me, but when the school supply list comes out, I start to get that sweet, sweet feeling deep in my basic soul. Fall is coming. Don’t let Hobby Lobby fool you with their Fall isle in July shenanigans!

Once the school supplies are labeled, the back packs are stuffed, and the temps are falling I know it’s just around the corner!


When football players start boycotting practices in hopes of getting paid a couple more million, when Starbucks starts adding spice to everything, and when flannel covers the store shelves I know it’s time!

The days get shorter, the Target trips become more frequent, and before you know it the costumes are ordered.

This is The Ultimate Guide to Fall for The Basic Mom!!




What you’ll need:

  • A pumpkin spice candle to cover the scent of the over-flowing diaper genie.
  • The jumbo pack of hair ties. Go ahead and buy 2 packs, they’re gone in a week.
  • The biggest diaper bag you can find. It’s finally not 100 degrees outside so pack accordingly for all the outdoor activities that will be forced upon you now that you can’t use the excuse of, “it’s hot.”
  • Your Ugg boots you resurrected from the tote from High School. No one has time to tie shoes, and flip flop season is over.
  • Your leggings, you’re probably already wearing them.
  • Your flannel shirt with easy access. I wonder if I drink a pumpkin spice latte, will baby get a little pumpkin spice? Maybe that’s where the pumpkin spice love starts?!
  • Dry Shampoo, enough said.
  • Starbucks cups are a must for every basic fall look, but you’re drinking water now.
  • A 2nd candle, because your toddler can only blow one out at a time.



Fall is coming!!



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