DIY Dessert Stand

I’m always looking for more affordable ways to decorate. This year for Eleanor’s 1st birthday party we went with a rainbow theme. I wanted pastel rainbow with lots of cute desserts. We’re having tie-dye cupcakes, a smash cake, macarons, and other rainbow themed treats. For all the desserts I wanted pretty ways to display them, not just a tuperware container on the table. So, to make it more affordable, I made a few of my own!

What you’ll need:

  • Plates of varying sizes depending on number of tiers needed.
  • Candle Stands, again depending on numbers of tiers.
  • Crystal Clear Gorilla Glue, used for Glass



I found my plates and candle holders at Hobby Lobby. The candle holders are 2 different heights. They were 50% off. The plates were in the home decor clearance isle and were 90% percent off! Each plate was under $2! Gorilla glue I found at Walmart.

Here is the general idea. You can use the same size candle holders or different sizes like I did. As you can see, you stack the plates and candle holders to create a stand. I put the larger candle holder in the center so I could have more room between plates. I put the shorter candle holder on the bottom so It wasn’t as top heavy.


  1. First I glued the tall candle holder to the bottom of the top plate.
  2. Next, I glued the shorter candle holder to the bottom of the bottom plate.
  3. Allow to dry overnight and make sure to leave them somewhere they won’t be moved. Since the Candle holders are so heavy I didn’t have to clamp them or place heavy things on them to set the glue. If you use lighter products consider doing that.


4. Last I glued the two pieces together, allow to set overnight as well!


Not the best photo, but I will post more from the party with some desserts on it! Total cost for two dessert stands was under $30 and under 1 hour to assemble! (minus dry time) These stands are heavy, really cute, and sturdy.



The stands were perfect for her party!

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