DIY Halloween Candle Jars!

Fall is almost here! Here in southeast Iowa the temps are dropping, the pumpkins are growing, and Starbucks has released the almighty PUMPKIN SPICE! All things Fall and Halloween are here.

This year, Allison was looking for a way to help raise money for her Dance expenses. With a quick Pinterest search we found some cute DIY baby food jar ideas. We have many, MANY jars. I’ve been saving them for over 6 months. We finally found our use for them.

halloweenhalloweeWe used enamel paint so it would be long lasting, but we also used some acrylic craft paint to allow some light from the tea lights to show through. If you use all enamel paints you do not need to seal the jars, but if you use some acrylics I suggest getting a spray sealant.

We posted these cuties on Facebook, and Allison is happy to see people are loving them. We made so man different ones, from ghosts, to spiders, to sets that say Boo!

We used the battery operated tea lights that ‘flicker’ like a real candle. Some have wire hangers on the top and some have wire extras. Allison painted the main jar with many of the faces, and I helped with the smaller details.

Overall this is an affordable, quick DIY and a great way to reuse all those jars!



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