Real Friends Serve Humble Pie

Every once in a while people need a good hearty helping of humble pie. Ya’ll know who I’m talking about.

That person who knows everything.

That person who’s done more, seen more, knows more.

That person who’s feelings are deeper, stronger, worse than your’s are…

They love more, experience more, and grieve more.

There are many situations in life that tend to shine a brighter light on people’s need for a giant piece of humble pie.

Social gatherings.

Big Life Changes.

And worst Tragedies

I think everyone one of us has been this person before, and if you’re like me, you’ve been lucky enough to have a true friend serve you up your well deserved piece of humble pie.

My serving was luckily when I was quite a few years younger. I’ve actually had a few servings, we are always growing, but the most memorable one for me was at a social gathering. Long story short I was being, what I didn’t realize at that time, typical Lindsay. Knows everything and doesn’t let anyone talk. I wasn’t listening to anyone or anything. I was listening to react, forming my response before really HEARING what people were saying.Β 

Luckily, my friend had brought her easy-bake oven, and offered me up a piece of humble pie. It was fresh from the oven, perfect, and exactly what I needed.

“Stop being so annoying. Let me finish a sentence.”

She was right.


I HATE being called annoying. She knew it. Being a true friend, she knew this would shut me up and soak straight into my know-it-all brain. And thankfully she was right. I would love to say from that moment on I’ve never slipped up, or caught my self being annoying as fuck, but change takes time. I can say that I really try to listen more, HEAR more. I make a good effort to understand more.

Normally this is a topic that I wouldn’t really care to talk about. It’s not my job to be baking pies and delivering them to all the people that need them. I’m no baker, and I’m not perfect, but a recent situation really shined a BRIGHT light on someone I know.

She needs the pie. She needs it SO BAD. And I might be the person to deliver it to her…

Who knows? Maybe she’ll stumble across this little blog of mine and maybe this will be her ‘ah-ha’ moment. I’m going to guess not because I think this will be her first serving of humble pie, and believe me the first is the biggest and hardest to swallow…

Point I’m trying to make (let’s get to it)

Don’t be that person.

When someone is sharing a life experience, or happiness, let them talk about it. Don’t anxiously wait to tell them your super awesome, only you’ve done it, story. Your time will come, or hell, maybe they will even ASK you about it.

And the BEST advice I can give you.

When someone is going through a tragedy, the hands down worst time of their life. NEVER, and I mean NEVER, tell them, “I know how you feel,” or any version of portraying that you KNOW their feelings.

You will never know someone’s feelings.

Everyone’s emotions are different, and their own. We all handle situations differently. Yes, you may know they are sad, but you don’t know their deepest feelings, it’s not for you to know.

Just because you’ve gone through a similar situation, doesn’t mean you know how they feel. Their feelings aren’t meant for your assessment.

Let them feel, let them express, never assume you already KNOW how they feel. Life is not a competition to be the loudest, have the best stories, or to prove that you’ve suffered the worst tragedies…

You may think you know, but what you don’t know is a LOT.

Blueberry or Apple?







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