I’m having a hard time finding motivation lately. Going to the gym feels like the ultimate burden and work somehow feels like my only escape or mini break, weird, right?

Anyone else feel like this lately?

I don’t know if it’s the time of year and the fact that Summer just won’t leave. Knowing Fall is just around the corner usually gets me more motivated than ever! September was the month that kick started my entire healthy living and weight loss journey just a few years ago. This Fall however I’m feeling a bit blah. I have a sneaky suspicion Burnout might be the issue…

Over the last two years we’ve had our fair share of stress.

Two moves…

Over Eight THOUSAND dollars in vehicle repairs…

Shift changes at work…

The constant scheduling around shift work and weekend work…

Rental house repairs, new AC and Furnace…

Basement flooding…both houses…

Some health issues…


I’m sure I could add a few more.

It never seems to let up lately. The last two years have been tricky for me emotionally. I’ve experienced some of the BEST times of my life along with some of the most stressful.

I’ve been passed up for jobs while at the same time starting a new side job that really speaks to my creative soul.

We welcomed a beautiful baby girl, and dealt with the emotions of an 8 year old having two places she calls home.

The Burnout is real. I feel it setting in.

I know what needs to happen, but knowing is way easier than actually doing.

School has started, our routine is finally taking shape, and I think the last 90° day is behind us. Time for long walks, hoodies, pumpkin Spice, and hopefully at least a tiny bit of stress relief.








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