Instagram: Insecurity Equals Profit.

Do I have an Instagram account? Yes, I actually run four of them. Do I like Instagram? Yes, I like the idea of Instagram, I just don’t like what it’s becoming.

Instagram started as a place to share photos. To see beauty from all parts of the world through other’s eye. It was a way to share your life, with just a few words. Instagram has become one of the worst places online. It’s where you find out if you are attractive enough, a good enough parent, or if you are even worthy at all. And it’s always where you can purchase your worth…

Open the app, scroll for a bit, and I promise you’ll see at least most, if not all of these things.

Women with tiny waists eating a doughnut and telling you diet culture is killing us.

Mothers with 6 children lecturing about stress, and the need to treat yourself. Mothers with 1 child lecturing about stress, and the need to treat yourself.

Women with thick, beautiful hair selling $90 bottles of shampoo or the women selling teas that are supposed to slim you in 10 days.

Moms with letter boards telling you how crappy their day was because the text below the photo isn’t enough…or the worst….. inspirational quotes (please stop with the letter boards)

Perfectly posed photos, on beautiful sunny days, with everything just so perfect. Paired up with a 16 paragraph novel about how the person is feeling, the obstacles in their way currently, what inspired them to overcome it, and how they made it.

I could go on and on, we all see it all the time, and we all fall for it every time.

The problem with most of it is it’s FAKE. It’s put out there to make you feel like you NEED something from that person. Like you are lacking in some way, like you aren’t worthy.  It’s always a sales pitch.

That woman eating the doughnut and telling you diet culture is horrible.  She’s either naturally slender or has been working out all her life and now she’s pandering to FAST GROWING majority of American’s who are over weight. Her workout photos, and diet tips are no longer bringing in the money so now she has to find a new way to make coin. I’m all for loving yourself, but I will not condone letting people think self-love is allowing them to live an unhealthy life-style.

The mothers with 1,2, or any number of children who’s telling you to treat yourself, well believe me, there’s a blog that needs traffic, an affiliate link that needs clicked, or some MLM pitch hiding somewhere in there. If she asks you to join a challenge group, host a party, or create an account…run.

The girl with the GORGEOUS hair, she’s had it all her life. Don’t think for a second that your super fine, flat, dull hair is going to turn into her Rapunzel Maine with some $90 shampoo. If it was that great, EVERYONE would be using it, and believe me, they aren’t. The women promoting their teas should be ashamed. You know that tea didn’t get you where you are. Let’s be real. Enough said. I spoke in my last post about all the things that aren’t pictured, this is a lesson in everything that is pictured. Just because you see it in a photo, doesn’t mean the narrative fits.

The moms with the letter boards. I have a few things to say on that.

1. I like them for birth announcements or monthly photos. I get it, it’s all good.

2. I despise reading your ‘funny’ phrases or jokes on them. That’s what the text area is for. I don’t need to know that you love wine, or your baby is finally napping. I can read it below, better yet I don’t really care, and I’ve never found any amount of inspiration on a letter board.

3. If you have time to spell it out on a letter board, you have WAY more free time than I do. Especially after you’ve done your full face of make up, staged your sleeping baby next to you, had someone there to take the photo, edit the photo, and then post the photo.

no one.png

Perfectly posed photos paired with a novel woe-is-me really Grind My Gears the most. First off, you’re in Hawaii, You look well fed, You have internet access, you obviously are semi intelligent because you spell checked your small novel…Please, please, PLEASE stop crying about life. And stop crying about life in an effort for me to buy your newest camera settings or light room crap, join your “how to become an influencer class,” or check out your new favorite affiliate linked item. I get it, we all have to make a living. I’m just sick of all the ‘fluff’. I’ll explain that more…

Basically, you can read this and think two things. Wow, Lindsay is bitter, but what I really want you to take from this is…

Instagram has became a place where exploiting people’s insecurities is profitable.

I wish we could get back to the days when Instagram, and all social media honestly, was a place to go and discovery new things. See the world through another’s eyes. Learn something new about the world around you. Connect with people who are more than a quick car ride away, and find inspiration.

Instead Instagram has become the kingdom of the Influencers. A place where people go to show you how great they are, and sell you the stuff to improve your worth.

Truth: it didn’t help them get there. If it had helped them, they would have been promoting it from DAY ONE. We need to get rid of all the extra FLUFF. Be real, be honest. Tell people the truth. Not everyone can be an influencer.

I don’t want to seem judgmental to ANYONE on Instagram, I’m just calling it like I see it. I know there are many great, honest people on Instagram sharing their real lives, hobbies, and interests. There are also some very supportive, encouraging, and inspirational people.

Not everyone on Instagram is exploiting people’s insecurities for profit…


I do have Instagram, to share my normal life, interests, and cute baby photos.

I do have a blog because I like to share, and writing is an outlet for me.

I do have affiliate codes in my blog, but only for products I use personally and vouch for 100%.

I do follow some amazing people on Instagram, and will continue to do so.






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