Everything Pumpkin Baby.

We are officially in the ‘all things pumpkin’ time of year. Here’s a quick list of some of my little’s favorite pumpkin goodies.

My little one really seems to like the many variations of pumpkin baby food. We normally avoid puree baby foods, but sometimes we need something on the go. Here are a few of her favorite pumpkin foods!




Plum Organics Banana & Pumpkin


Beech-Nut Apple & Pumpkin


Beech-Nut Carrot, Corn, & Pumpkin


Beech-Nut Melties Apple & Pumpkin
Little Teethers Banana & Pumpkin


Finally a non baby food item. I found this Pumpkin and Sage Ravioli at Aldi’s. Jeff gave me that look of, eh… I went with my gut and threw it in the cart. So happy I did! These were easy to make and  were totally delicious paired with a Brown Butter Sauce I made. So good, that baby even loved them. She ate more than her fair share and was coming after mine for more. Such a great find.





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