Happy Fall Y’all!

Rain, rain go away basic girls want to play!

So far this Fall has been full of rain and more rain. The rivers are high again and the ground is soaked and muddy. We NEED some sunshine and cool crisp Fall air!

Aside from the rain, we’ve managed to have some Fall fun.


Last week was Homecoming at Allison’s school! A weeks worth of spirit days, cheer camp, and the Homecoming parade. So fun watching her enjoy this week with friends. We might have a future cheerleader on our hands.


Over the weekend we celebrated Jeff’s Birthday! On Sunday I was thinking, “We have to have cake!” So in true procrastinator form, I sent a few texts to family, apologized for my normal late invite, and headed off to Hyvee to search for a cake. I went in hoping for a rainbow princess cake…somehow the bakery magically had a Chiefs cake: it was fate. A great night with family, cake, and ice cream. Happy 34th Birthday! Go Cowboys.


The sunshine finally found us at the start of this week! We busted out the Lile Baby Carrier and tried out baby carrying on the back rather than the front. Eleanor was definitely confused at first but ended up loving it. Her face in this photo though…less than thrilled. I promise, she loved it.

The Halloween decorations at work are finally up! No shame in my decorating game. You do not have to be a kid to love Halloween!



New this year, my part time job at Harvestville Farm in Donnellson. On Sundays I paint pumpkins! Basically, people can pick their own pumpkins and then we paint whatever they want on it. I’ve painted Halloween themes, basic names, and even Superman! The first few weekends we mainly painted pumpkins to sell in the barn, but this last weekend the orders picked up. Between the 4 of us painters I would guess we painted over 100 pumpkins. I really enjoy my time with the other painters and the ability to put my creative side to work. Harvestville is a wonderful pumpkin patch with so much to do. I enjoy my time there with my family, and now working for them.



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