Painted Pumpkins DIY

Here is an easy DIY for your Halloween Pumkins!

In my recent post I showed a variety or painted pumpkins. Every Sunday in September and October I’m busy painting pumpkins at Harvestville Farm.

Finally picked up a few for our house!


Carving is fun and all but painting is a breeze. Bonus: you’ll appendages will all stay intact free of puncture wounds!

What you’ll need:

  • Pumpkins, try to find ones without deep ridges. Easier to paint.
  • Acrylic Paint Pens, Walmart
  • Acrylic Sealer, Gloss Finish, Indoor/Outdoor, Walmart


Wipe down your pumpkin, make sure it’s good and dry. The rest is up to you. Suggestion: Allow your colors to dry thoroughly before you layer or switch colors. There are TONS of great fonts on Pinterest and pumpkin ideas. Once your lettering or picture is done, allow it to dry for about 10-15 minutes. The acrylic paint pens dry pretty quick. Take your pumpkin outside or to a well ventilated area and spray the sealer on. Make sure you get all the edges of the paint. Don’t overdo it either, it can make your paint run if it isn’t 100% dry.


Check out my recent post for more pumpkin ideas, Happy Fall Y’all!


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