On October 20th I weighed in at 271.

I now have 60 lbs to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

I’d like to offer up 1,000 different excuses: life, kids, work, no time…but there aren’t any. I’ve been eating like crap, not going the gym, and had almost zero energy. The only, somewhat, ‘valid’ reason it’s been hard is I can tell my thyroid levels are off. My hair is falling out in clumps, and if I don’t hit the caffeine first thing in the AM, I’m TIRED. Like next level TIRED.

Time to get back at it.

I’ve said it a few times, but now is the time. I have zero excuses now, and I can tell it’s the right time. I’m in the same place I was September, 2016. Ready to take it head on, and get on track, but thankfully much less weight to lose.

Here’s the plan. I do NOT do well going cold turkey on dieting, and being strict. I never have. I always restrict myself so much that the first chance I get to allow an excuse to settle in as to why I can’t eat healthy, I take it. I’m most successful when I stock the house full of healthy options, take it one meal at a time, and attempt to make the best choice I can at that time. Does that mean no pasta or bread? No. It does mean if I have a sandwich I opt for open face with 1 slice or I replace it with a carb smart tortilla. I do try to avoid pasta at all costs, but if I eat it, I eat a NORMAL portion.

I will go to the gym or work out at home daily. 20, 30, 45, whatever amount of time I can get in I will. No excuses. When we go somewhere, I’ll park as far away from the door as I can and take a few extra laps around the store. Get in as many steps per day as possible. Drink all the water. I need to avoid the things that have become routine, and trigger that routine to continue. Keep the purse in the trunk, no more gas station stops or Mcdonald’s Breakfast, so bad, I know! I was doing SO GOOD avoiding it, then October hit. I’ve been working some extra hours, extra tired, and baby has had some longer nights so I gave myself ‘permission’ to sleep a little longer in the mornings, meaning we didn’t have ‘time’ to make breakfast, so we stopped and got it before school drop off. No more. Get up 15 min earlier and get it done, or heck, why not prep the night before. Eggs in a Muffin Tin, Perfect For Meal Prep.


A few days later…

I didn’t want this post to be a declaration of my all might intentions to magically turn into a fitness goddess over night. So instead of posting it on October 20th, I gave it a few days to actually get started. As of October 23rd, I’ve been to the gym every day, made much better, not perfect, but better food choices. The water intake is back, and I weighed in at 266 lbs this morning. Cutting a few carbs and moving really makes the scale move for me. The first few days/weeks I normally see a great loss. Carbs and junk are HORRIBLE for me, and when I put them in check it shows quickly.

Two Weeks later…

I’m 2 weeks into this and doing OK. Halloween was BUSY. I’ll post about that later. I’ve also been sick. The 24th I started to feel like crap and have continued to feel like crap. I’ve been as active as possible with being sick. It’s been over a week and I’m still not 100%. My weight has been slowly going down, mostly due to portion control and MUCH better food choices. As of TODAY November 2nd I’m 264. Hopefully I can kick this cold by the end of this weekend and resume gym time next week. My next goal is to be in the 250’s by end of November.



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