Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Palette Review


I’ve been quietly watching Beauty Gurus on YouTube for about 4 years now. I have a few favorites: Grav3yardgirl, Tati, Raw Beauty Kristi, Jeffree Star, Eleventhgorgeous, LeighAnnSays, and Nikkie Tutorials. Each channel has their own unique approach to makeup and each has a vastly different style.

I’ve taken advice and purchased many products they’ve recommended. Some of my favorite products that I use daily were suggested by YouTubers. This is the first time I’ve purchased one of their own products. Tati has been one of my long time favorites. When I found out she was releasing a palette (with more makeup to come) I was here for it! A few Jeffree Star products are on my wish list, but I haven’t pulled the trigger on those yet.

I ordered Tati’s palette the day it was released and I’m happy I didn’t wait, it sold out that same day. Order was placed on October 25th, and I received my palette on November 4th. A little bit of a wait but well worth it.


I love the layout of this palette: simple and beautiful. I’m no beauty guru so I skipped the swatches and went straight to using the palette. I’m definitely not a pro, so forgive my techniques LOL.

The mattes are smooth and blend easily for a beginner. The sequin shades are awesome. They have a shimmer to them that looks like it would get lost once applied but it’s definitely still there once applied. Even with the shimmer, they blend beautifully. The Metallic shades are so pigmented and work perfectly. The glitter shades are AMAZING. They aren’t messy, they adhere wonderfully to the eye, and at the end of the day they come off easily. I cannot say enough good things about this palette so far. So easy to use and beautiful color pay off. Wow I feel so classy… 😉


I started out with some ‘safe’ colors to start. I started with the Aura Matte shade all over the eye first, then deepened the crease with the Soothe Sequin shade. Next blended it all out with the Soothe Metallic shade. Added The Aura Metallic shade in the inner corner and just under the eye brow. Finished by taping on the Soothe Glitter all over the lid. I used a little the of the Ritual Matte shade as eye liner as well. I didn’t get a great up close photo of this but I loved it! Quick and easy to apply.


Remember, I’m no pro! For the 2nd try I went in with Aura Matte shade all over the eye. Deepened the crease with the Memory Matte (black) shade. Blended that out with the Poet Matte Shade. Went over the outer and center of the lid with the Poet Sequin shade, then in the inner corner and below the eyebrow with the Metallic Aura shade. Last, with my finger I taped on some of the Aura glitter shade into my inner corner and the Poet Glitter shade on the center and outer part of the lid. I’m still working on liner skills and I’m not one for false lashes lol. look22222lookk222

Now I understand why it’s important to splurge a little on eye shadows. I’ve been fighting with the ‘cheap’ stuff for so long that using these was like a life changing experience or at least it felt like it…

I normally take forever attempting to get my eyes to look even half way decent. All that work and I end up wiping it off anyways.

This palette is a game changer for me.

The colors are beautiful. The shadows are easy to work with. I would totally recommend this for any level of makeup user!


A few more examples using the palette.





If you’d like to check out any of the YouTube channels I’ve mentioned here are the links!









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  1. Jazzy Jaye says:

    Great review! The colors in that palette are too pretty!

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    1. Yes they are gorgeous.vI’m loving it so far 🙂

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