Blogmas Day 3: Christmas Decorating Traditions

I’ll set the scene…

It’s the day after Halloween, the temps have dropped barely a degree, the pumpkins are wilting on the front step, and pumpkin spice is long gone…

The stores are filled with everything red and green that glitters. We are officially in that awkward time of the year. “How soon, is too soon, to put up the Christmas decorations?”

I’ve always been a firm believer of ‘to each their own.’ Personally I can’t wrap my head around the idea of putting up a Chriatmas tree when we still have the potential for 80° weather. To me it’s not Christmas without a temp drop and dare I say SNOW!


Maybe not as cold as the photo above, -20° during a Polar Vortex, I could do without that this year…

Our decorating tradition starts the Sunday after Thanksgiving. All the Fall decor is packed away, the house is cleaned, and the Christmas decor is brought out. With the sounds of the Griswold Family playing in the background we put out the tree and decorate the house in fake snowmen, multiple Santas, and anything and everything that glitters!


2018 was our first Christmas in the new house. We have a weird set up in the living room so we needed a smaller tree. This year we are rearranging the livingroom so that we can have a bigger tree or save some money, use the same one, and add some filler in there. She was a little bare last year, still beautiful just needs some extra fluff!

When do you decorate for Christmas? How soon is too soon? 😀


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  1. Great post, we usually decorate on the first weekend of December or last weekend of November depending where it falls – we put ours up on Sunday this year! I’ll be posting a Christmas decorating post on Thursday if you want to keep your eyes peeled for it:)


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