Blogmas Day 9: Our Christmas Tree

This year’s Christmas tree is going to have to be well protected or bare bones. We have one cat under the age of 2, a kitten who’s under 6 months, and a baby who’s almost 16 months old.

Sunday morning we finished up some painting that needed done in our livingroom and did a little deep cleaning as we made room for some Christmas decor. After an afternoon nap it was Christmas tree time.


The tree went up easily without any issues, but once it was up, the fun began.


Kitty, our older cat, and Maui, our kitten were very interested in this new addition to the livingroom…


Maui decided to use it at his personal perch..while Kitty circled the bottom and tried to get up without success…


Eleanor wasn’t too happy about the cats in the tree. She pointed, yelled “KITTY,” and said “Mom!”


Eventually they all ran out of steam. Eleanor and Kitty lost interest, and Maui stayed close to the tree but on the ground…


No worries, the next day they started all over! This time Kitty and Maui were able to climb to the top! I think the ornaments will have to wait until next year…



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