Blogmas Day 12: My 12 Favorite Christmas Movies

p12007_v_v8_ac1. Christmas Vacation. I could basically watch this on repeat for the entire month of December, much like Hocus Pocus in the month of October. It’s the BEST Christmas move, ever, fight me.

santa2. The Santa Clause. A very close 2nd. Time Allen is one of my favorite actors.
grinch3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Love this one and the cartoon. How can you not get the song, ‘Where Are You Christmas?’ Stuck in your head?


4. Elf. One of Will Ferrell’s best movies. Such a classic. So much better then some of the new crap Chriatmas movies.

5. Christmas with the Kranks. Again, love Tim Allen. Jamie Lee Curtis is also the perfect Mom in this film and let’s not forget the awesome Dan Aykroyd!

6. Home Alone. This is probably on everyone’s list (like many on here).


7. Love Actually. Not specifically a ‘Christmas Movie’ but it does take place during the holidays and I love it. So many different story lines that all come together. Gives that perfect romantic comedy feel.


8. Daddy’s Home 2. Watch it. It’s great. Seeing Mel Gibson in a comedy again makes my heart happy. Especially with Ferrell and Wahlberg.


9. Four Christmases. I laugh every time I watch this movie. 🙂


10. Christmas Classics! All the one TV Christmas Classics. We have both sets and we watch them on repeat. These are the best!!


11. Bad Santa. So good. So wrong, that it’s funny.


12. Trading Places. Not a true Christmas movie but one I have to watch during the holidays. Aykroyd as drunk Santa….I die…every time.


What are your favorite Christmas Movies??


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