Blogmas Day 15: Festival of Lights

We’re getting closer to Christmas! Time to get festive.

This year we decided to skip the outdoor Holiday Stroll we normally do and stay warm in the car. Just a few blocks from our house there happens to be a large Festival of Lights. I’m embarrassed to say we have not gone before. The day of the Holiday Stroll was a brisk 18° so the car sounded better.

The trail is about 1 mile long and is $10 per car. Larger vehicles like buses and limos are more, still a great price.


Change your car radio to 1130 to hear music as you drive through. Each light scene is sponsored by a local business. Some are animated, others are stand still.


So many beautiful scenes along the trail. Eleanor and Allison loved every bit of it.


My favorite scene was definitely Santa’s workshop! From far away it almost looked like a real building. The lights were set just right to give it depth and detail.


The rocking horse, that actually rocked was a close 2nd favorite.


After the light trail there was a place to park, get out, and see Santa! He was inside a little shed with a few elves and an electric fireplace to stay warm!

We waited about 15 minutes for Santa. Cold but worth it. This was Eleanor’s first time meeting Santa so we didn’t know what to expect. Screams or smiles?


We had neither…just a real serious, focused baby 😉 No smiles but thankfully no tears! A great way to spend Saturday night and stay warm.


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