Blogmas Day 17: Gratitude

Looking back on 2019 I think one thing sticks out: Gratitude.


So many people have this ‘woe is me’ victim mentality. I even catch myself feeling it creep in. So much of our lives are shared via social media. There’s always someone prettier, luckier, and better. But are they? Really?

This year I’ve put in the work, self reflection, and effort into being grateful for what I have.

Do I have a mansion, no, but I have a roof over my head and a warm bed at night.

Do I have lots of money, no, but I don’t go a day without food or water.

Do I have the fanciest car, no, but I do have at least 1 reliable vehicle. Can’t say 2, but we’re getting there.

Am I a size zero with the perfect hair and the perfect gym body, no, but I have two healthy daughters, and no major health concerns for myself.

None of the things above are needs. I guess the second lesson is knowing wants vs. needs. We all want many things, do we need them? Just because someone has what you want doesn’t mean they are better than you. It means they either worked for it, or it was handed to them. And guess what? You either haven’t done the work or you’re not in their situation. No one owes it to you.

When you focus on gratitude for what you have it spills over into other areas of your life, I promise. When you’re grateful for what you have, you treat it better, you care for it more, and that goes a long way. When you really care about what you have and respect yourself for achieving those things it shows. If you constantly are ungrateful, you won’t respect what you have or who you are and you give permission to other to do the same. Have pride in yourself, and be grateful for what you’ve given yourself.


Respect, pride, and gratitude go very much hand in hand. Respect yourself, have pride in what you have accomplished, what you have, and who you are. Allow yourself gratitude, be grateful for YOU.


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