Blogmas Day 20: 2019 Favorites

Sing it with me!! “These are a few of my Favorite things…”

I like getting the run-down of products and how they work. Whether it’s on YouTube, a blog, or whatever I like the idea of someone trying a product before me. I grab my pen and paper, and start my list of products I want to try, especially makeup.

For this list of favorites, I’m going outside the box. Not just makeup, but many other categories.


  1. ColourPop BFF Black on Black Mascara. I’m so glad I found this mascara! Affordable at only $8, fantastic formula, and such a great all around mascara. The only negative, I wish I would have found it sooner. Blogmas Day 7: Top 4 Favorite Mascaras
  2. Tati Beauty Textured Nuetrals Palette. The hype was real with this one. I love the color story, the options, how easy it is to use, and of course the GLITTER. I know many hate the idea of glitter, but these are different. They pack right on the eye and are just amazing. Bring on all the glitter! Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Palette Review
  3. ColourPop Concealer and Setting Powder. I tried both the matte and the hydrating concealers. Good coverage, affordable, and many color choices. The Setting powder, again affordable, and works well. It doesn’t make my foundation oxidize (so far) unless its a foundation that oxidizes on its own. Has worked well with other products.



  1. Crockpot Keto Broccoli and Cheese Soup Such an easy keto meal option in the CrockPot. Perfect for a cold Winter day.
  2. The Best Salad I’ve Ever Had. This salad is still the best I’ve had at home. Such a great salad.
  3. Avocado Lime Cheesecake I might need to make this tonight…yum. Hold the cilantro or throw it in, either way its so good!!
  4. Super Easy Cream Cheese Bars! The EASIEST dessert you’ll make. No baking skills needed.

Household Products.

  1. MAGIC ERASERS. Why have I not tried you and your magic before? Why did no one force me to try them!? Seriously, if you’ve never used one, go get one, well the 3 pack they come in. They also have a BATHROOM version. You’re welcome.
  2. My new giant skillet. I’m 33 years young and I’ve always used smaller skillets, pans, whatever you want to call them. This year, after overflowing my hamburger helper for the final time I invested in a large skillet. DO IT. Don’t let your skillet size restrict you. Don’t let yourself be limited by the size of your skillet. Go big and you’ll be so much happier. Size does matter LOL. I can make three grilled cheese at once, THREE!!!
  3. Hand mixer. Don’t judge me, but I sold my Kitchen Aide Stand mixer. I have very little counter space and I’m not running a bakery. I finally broke down and bought a small electric hand mixer. My hands, and arms are thankful. Of course the year I get rid of the Kitchen Aide is the year I take my next form as a master chef or Americas next great baker. That little mixer is a life saver. If you have no counter space, get one. Affordable and convenient.


  1. My best achievement of 2019 is definitely hitting the 1 year mark of breastfeeding. My goal was to make it 1 year exclusively breastfeeding. We made and we are still going strong at 16 months.
  2. The entire year of 2019 has been one fantastic memory: watching Allison become a loving, caring big sister. The way Eleanor looks up to her is truly amazing, and reminds me so much of how my little sister looked at me and the bond we had when she was a baby. So much love and admiration.
  3. Dance! In late 2018 we entered Allison’s 4th year of dance but her first year at a new studio. Throughout the end of 2018 and all of 2019 I’ve seen so much growth in Allison. She is more confident, and really loves dance. She has always enjoyed it, but the last year has really shown her love for it. She is actually dancing now. The first few years when they are younger, its a lot of learning, feathers, and cuteness. We’ve finally hit the ‘ah-ha’ moment, where the skills are starting to show and the love of dance is showing through. I hope she sticks with it and continues to do something I can tell she loves.


  1. Eleanor’s 1st Birthday Party. Such a fun party. The decorations and food came out exactly like I planned and so many people came out to celebrate with us. She is one loved little girl. Pastel Rainbow 1st Birthday!
  2.  Trunk or Treat. For the first time at work we organized a trunk or treat event! Lots of planning, work, and CANDY went into the event. It was a massive success with so many thank yous and smiles. We loved every second of it and can’t wait for next year!
  3.  Allison’s 9th birthday! We saw Frozen 2, hung out with her friends, and had a lot of fun. She is starting to mature, please slow down, but she has finally hit that stage where she understands more about the world around her. I love being able to talk to her more and help her. She loves makeup, at home of course ;), dance, and sports. She’s my child first, but she’s my little buddy too.


  1. Made a layered cake. It didn’t collapse, it tasted great, and everyone lived. WINNING.
  2. For the first time in forever, thanks Anna, I got a job doing something that allowed me to use my creative skills! During the months of September and October I worked at a local pumpkin patch painting pumpkins. It was awesome to be outside, artistic, and to be around people who were happy. My full time job I deal with people who are having, possibly, the worst day of their life. This was a welcomed and needed break.
  3. Tie-dye cupcakes. I had a vision, I made a plan, and I executed it perfectly. Jeff was a great helper too. I’ve never created anything more cool out of food. It was SWEET.


  1. There is only one favorite, Jeff. My children and family are in their own special categories, but Jeff is the person of the year for sure. He came into my life when at the right moment and for the best reasons. I feel like he is the person I’m meant to be with. He’s an amazing father, step-parent, and boyfriend. He loves me, his loves Allison and Eleanor, and he works hard to provide for us. I love the life we are creating. There have been bumps in the road but we are making our way towards our goals. Favorite Person of the year for sure!


So many great things this year. 2019 has been very challenging financially, but there were so many great memories made, accomplishments, and moments that made it a year to remember.




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