Blogmas Day 26: 2020 Prep.

December 26th is kind of like the holiday season walk of shame with out the shenanigans…

You’re tired, yet somehow your sugar levels are at astronomical levels, you’re on day 3 hair, and your yoga pants are stretched to the max. The house looks like a bomb went off and you’re on the edge of the next episode of Hoarders. Time to clean up, shower, and head back to reality.

2019 is just about over. I want 2020 to get off to the best start possible. Motivation, organization, and consistency here I come!

Motivation to get back into my healthy eating and gym routine. Not because it’s ‘New Year, New Me.’ GROSS. Whoever started that needs to stop. Motivation to get back to what I SHOULD be doing. Eating healthy and getting exercise isn’t new, I’ve just been ignoring it.

Organization. I’m going to use the last days of 2019 to declutter the house, and frankly declutter my life. Going to remove some of the ‘obligations’ in my life. I have way too many things going on and not all of them are necessary. I will no longer give my time to anything or anyone who wouldn’t do the same for me. I need to quit saying yes to everything and focus on my family.

Consistency. I have a few goals in mind and from here on out I need to be consistent. I need to treat every day like it’s a step toward my goals. Take each day at a time and slowly the goals will come together. Consistency is key. I won’t go into too much detail but financial stability is one, health is another, and a year end reward is the third. Every day from here on out helps or hinders each of my goals: CONSISTENCY IS KEY.

Let’s use the remaining days of 2019 to prep for a FANTASTIC 2020.







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