Blogmas Day 27:Too Faced White Peach Palette


Lot’s of palettes this month, so here’s another. I purchased the Too Faced Peach Palette at Marshall’s a few months back. The orange shades are what attracted me to it.  The shades in this palette give me a sunset vibe more than a peach feeling.




I’ve used this palette a few times already. I won’t lie, I wasn’t impressed the first few times so I didn’t feel the need to share it. However, after seeing that beautiful Christmas Day sunset I thought I should give this palette another go. So many great colors. I think my issue with it was I went for the wrong colors. I was so excited to dip into the orange shades that I forgot…I HAVE RED (more like orange) HAIR. Orange just isn’t my color. When I wear only orange on my eyes I feel like I’m wearing a bad Halloween mask and wig.





This time I went for more of the neutral ‘safe’colors. I went over the lid with ‘Peach Smoothie’, into the outer crease with ‘Sweet Fig’, the inner corner with ‘Peach Ice’, blended out under the brow with ‘Peach Cream’, and finished with ‘Glistening Peach’ packed on the lid and under the lower lash.


Not a great photo today, but you get the idea.  Ignore my eyebrows, we’re going through some things LOL. The colors are very pretty and blend easily. The only issue I had was with the glitter shades. Quite a bit of fallout but pack them on and all is well. Also good to note, I feel like the fist few times the shades felt a bit dry and dusty. Once I got into the shades and used them more they worked much better. It was almost like I had to get past the dry layer to get to the smoother, nicer layers. Maybe my palette was a little stale after sitting longer. I’m no makeup guru but I’d imagine if a product sits for months it has the potential to dry out or change slightly. I did get this at Marshall’s well after (months) the initial release. Who knows? I’m happy I went back and tried it again.

The oranges in the palette are so pretty, I just need to work them in with some other shades to get that sunset vibe and to avoid pumpkin face…




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