Blogmas: The End.

Sadly Blogmas has come to an early end. Two days before Christmas my oldest was hit with a nasty stomach bug. On Christmas Day, after a day full of family fun, my little one started the same sickness. I forgot how hard it is to get a 16 month old to puke in a bowl, lol. Towels, towels everywhere!

Then on the Saturday after Christmas at about 1 am it started for me. I ended up so dehydrated that I went to the ER for fluids and nausea meds. I think it was worse on me because I had spent the Two nights before taking care of Eleanor so I was already exhausted and dehydrated.

Here we are the Monday after Christmas and Jeff is starting to feel not so great…

So Blogmas must come to an end. The house needs scrubbed, laundry is piled high, and we all need SLEEP.

It was a fun 27 days. *BONUS* this sickness has really jump started my weightloss 😉

Here’s to the New Year!




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